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Hip-Hop Loves Wrestling! Pt.7

With sincere apologies, we regret to announce that Episode 89 of Tha O Show will be presented one day later than usual. Due to prior commitments that could not be re-arranged, Tha Nation of O will have to wait until Friday to get your weekly fix of your bros Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o talkin' shit.

But fear not O-sters, "Hip-Hop Loves Wrestling!" is back with its seventh installment! Yes, this series which has been a fixture of this website long before the radio show details hip-hop's storied love affair with professional wrestling through the many references embodied in its tracks.

If you're new here, take the time to visit the links to the first six pieces in this series that commemorate this relationship: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five and Part Six.

1) “She wasn't phasin' me with that stush attitude,
That is rude and out of hand and deserves a bodyslam...”

-Black Cat of Monolith on “Bye D'Plenty” from the EP, The Long Awaited... (1998)

2)“Stealin' condom, my conduct be Iron Shiek,
Freak physique, all up on them...”

-Spidahman of Monolith also on “Bye D'Plenty” from the EP, The Long Awaited... (1998)

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3) “My punchlines ain't just tossin' jabs, they often grab
and put you in a Boston Crab”

-Elzhi on “Fire” from the album, Euro-Pass (2008)

This Detroit spitter (a member of Slum Village) while not the most well-known, is one of the sickest emcees alive. Trust me!

4) “It's my go, yeah, and I'ma go so opposite of soft
Off the richter, Hector Camacho Man Randy Savage”

-Lil' Wayne on “Mr. Carter” from the album, Tha Carter III (2008)

As mentioned on Episode 87 of Tha O Show, this dude is very well-known but is one of the wackest emcees alive. Yeah I said it, “Lyricist Of The Year” my ass!

5) “Catch the clap, I'm the best at that,
Quick to stretch cats like wrestling match”

-Sean P on “Run” from the Guilty Simpson album, Ode To The Ghetto (2008)

6) “You don't wanna fight my sales
I'm on a Rampage, when you act Chuck Li-dells”

-Guilty Simpson on “Yikes” from the album, Ode To The Ghetto (2008)

Another sick emcee from Detroit, Guilty drops the first-ever MMA reference in “Hip-Hop Loves Wrestling” history!

7) “Their mouths are sealed like Zip-Loc bags
Fake like wrestling and small like frags”

-Large Professor of Main Source on “Large Professor” from the album, Breaking Atoms (1991)

8) “Best believe it's official y'all
Rap's the new form of wrestling on mescaline tabs and E pills...”

- Posdnuos of De La Soul from the mixtape/album, Impossible Mission TV Series Pt. 1 (2006)

9) “But the bitch got a ass like a apple
A derriette with a glass full of gin and Snapple
A hairy wet, damn, make a nigga wanna wrastle...”

-DJ Quik on “Come 2Nyte” from the album, Under Tha Influence (2002)

10) “I love Macho Man Randy Savage,
Screamin' ‘Elizabeth come take a ride on my Slim Jim’ (Oooh yeah!)”

-Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother on “Love Joint Revisited” from the album, The Listening (2003)

11) "First smith specialist nobody get the best of us,
Pooh and 'Te tag team like we wrestlers"

-Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother on "The Getup" from the album, The Listening (2003)

And here is how one of my top five favourite emcees today starts of his recently released debut album:

12) “Every time I drop somethin’ hot you hear the sirens peak
It makes the water in the hose on a hydrant leak
You know my shoe game is crazy as the Iron Sheik's
Put a buzz in the streets, it ain't been high in weeks”

-Elzhi on “The Leak” from the album, The Preface (2008)

2 comments: on "Hip-Hop Loves Wrestling! Pt.7"

Dante Ross said...

“They nicknamed me Kamala because I’m the Ugandan giant. Slapping niggas with my foot who wanna try it?” - Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, and Ludicrous “Throw It Up”

Sorry if you already have this one, man. Also, sorry for poluting shit with Lil Wayne.

Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne ... who the hell is Hector Camacho Man Randy Savage? It's like his lyrics are big clumsy freestyles