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Tha O Show's NFL Survivor Pool

If you have been listening to Tha O Show Radio Program for the last several weeks, you know that tha boys have engaged in their first on-air NFL Survivor Pool!

The rules are simple. Each week, contestants will submit their picks to win a game outright (no point spread considerations). Once an individual has picked a team, he may not pick that team again for the remainder of the regular season.

The winner of the pool will be showered with gifts, prizes and bitches!

Below is a grid so that you can keep track of who is doing what.

Week 11

Matt Burns
Week 1Falcons LGiantsWRedskins WColts LNO PICK L
Week 2Packers WFalconsWTexans WCowboys LNO PICK L
Week 3Patriots WBrownsLSeahawks WRavens WRedskins L
Week 4BillsLJetsWRamsWBrownsWPackersW
Week 5BearsWRamsLVikings LLionsWFalconsW
Week 6SaintsWSteelersWBucsLJetsWBearsL
Week 7GiantsWBroncosLPanthersWTitansWRavensW
Week 8SeahawksLPatriotsWChiefsWJaguarsWRamsW
Week 9RavensWBearsWEaglesWPanthersLSteelersW
Week 1049ersWColtsWGiantsLBillsWTexansL
Week 11ChargersWSaintsWPackersWRaidersLBillsW
Week 12BrownsWRedskinsLPatriotsWBroncosLJetsW
Week 13DolphinsLVikingsWBearsW49ersLChargersL
Week 14JaguarsWEaglesWJetsLBrownsLBucsW
Week 15Cardinals-Dolphins-Colts-BengalsLNo Pick-