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Today On Tha O Show...

You've had to wait one extra day to get your weekly fix of pro wrestling, MMA and shit talk radio from your muhfuggin' bros Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o...and for that we apologize. However, we hope it was worth the wait.

Needless to say, be sure you tune in later today for Episode 89 of Tha O Show. In a week where the United States declared a new world hem, President...there's a lot to talk about.

You get Tha Os And NOs, comments from (who else?) "Tha Black Prophet" about this week's election, The Notorious T.I.D. in "Tha Pit Stop", a preview of TNA's forthcoming pay-per-view Turning Point and joining tha boys for "Tha Round Table" is your host of The Handsome Genius Club, Anthony Kingdom James!

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2 comments: on "Today On Tha O Show..."

Neil said...

Looks hype...what happened to the EWA gimmick?

BigDaddy said...


Neil Burk? Is that you? Jokes! I JUST POSTED YOUR NAME... You won dude. Now people are gonna call WORK - but legit, random selectalaz.