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HGC Ep.9 - Can You Spare Some CHANGE?

Happy Obama Week, everybody, and welcome to Episode 9 of your favorite pop culture podcast: The Handsome Genius Club Radio Show. Today's show is a lot like a line from a Robert Burns poem. In other words, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

Both our scheduled co-host and our scheduled guest went missing, so your loveable and cuddly host ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES had to call a audible at the line of scrimmage.

Go to to check out the show now!! Today's episode of Tha O Show will be up shortly.

Thankfully (and not for the first time) much-heralded comic book penciller LEE MODER joined the show to talk about his current project DRAGON PRINCE, his views on what's worth reading on your comic shop's shelves these days, on life in a new Obama-led America and on why the dietary habits of the city of Pittsburgh make it the greatest city on Earth.
Lee also talks about the differences between working at a large company like DC or Marvel as compared to his current home at Image's Top Cow Productions and how the San Diego Comic Con has grown since his first trip there in 1993.

In addition, there's Nerd News, a new featured segment entitled "Who Said No To Us This Week?" and AKJ and TJ discuss life in The Age of Obama, a possible big leap forward for TJ's band Secret Suburbia, Kingdom roughs up two idiots so he can enjoy a shwarma in peace, a history lesson on would-be Presidential assassin John Hinckley's love letters to Jodie Foster and a heck of a lot more... all waiting for you inside this week's Handsome Genius Club Radio Show!

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candem said...

whenevr i listened to this show..i pictured this:

and it turned out this guys a fat black guy?

wow..he sounds extremely white..he even does that white guy pondering breath sound thing like white guys do...wierd shit