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Rated O Radio - Episode 89

Tha O Show Radio"Obama, can you see by the dawn's early light!" Don't like that one? Check this out: "O-bama, our bro and native man!"

Hey, no matter where you are in the world, this is a monumental time for us all. And no matter your political views, your bros Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o have some fun during the week a new pres-O-dent has been elected.

Never fear, we don't get all THAT political on ya. Episode 89 takes it back to tha O-riginators as there is no long list of guests on today's show. But as always, get ready to O!(bama).

This week's show features...

Tha Os And NOs.

The first post-we-just-elected-a-black-guy-to-run-the-country rant from "Tha Black Prophet"!

The Notorious T.I.D. with "Tha Pit Stop" discussing the upcoming UFC 91 event featuring Brock Lesnar VS. Randy Couture for the Heavyweight title...and some politics for good measure.

Don and Dan preview TNA's Turning Point PPV which takes place this Sunday.

And joining tha boys for "Tha Round Table" is the Handsome Genius himself, Anthony Kingdom James. Be sure to check out today's episode of The Handsome Genius Club as soon as Tha O Show is out!

But NOT before checking out the bangin'-ass track "Let Dat Ish Ride" from Lyrical Chemist off the freshly released Artistic Effusion Volume III CD. Stay posted for info on how to download your free copy of the album in the near future.

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24 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 89"

BigDaddy said...

Had to mention... the winner of the EWA prize pack ... 2 tickets and an EWA T-shirt is


We had a lot of entrants and we ended up just randomly picking one out.

Neil submitted "Big Daddy Donnie is so dumb... he booked the Flatliners as LLW Tag Champs".

For that Neil, you and a friend will be attending EWA: Renaissance - a Wrestling Rebirth.
Friday November 14th, 7:30 PM at the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts.

If you need more info, contact us directly

kathy said...

I was really looking forward to reading some of those "Donnie is so dumb..." maybe you should put up a link to them, if you can handle so many Osters laughing at not with you

Anonymous said...

I think Donnie and Dan-e-o have both shown they are able to laugh at themselves and goof around

Anonymous said...

Why didn't my comment appear right away???

Anonymous said...

Hey where's my comment????

Jim J said...

Wicked show guys. I loved all the REAL talks

MKF said...

The Friday show threw my schedule off ... I'm just listening to it now... So far so great.

Anonymous said...

comments arennt workingg

Chase said...

Black prohet sucks !!

ramey said...

I like Kingdom on the show. More often please.

BigDaddy said...

Sorry guys... I accidentally turned on the "approve comments first feature". It's off now.

realness said...

I think Obama is n idiot and just a puppet for stupid communist democrats. Make us pussies like Canada and we'll all have turbans on next year when we get concoured

Anonymous said...

Wow somoene shut that last guy up.

srr said...

i working right now on my breakbut im almost done, so my thoughts so far.

"COME ON man" lol i fucking love that shit please please put that on the MK, i couldnt stop laughing i think this is the first time i literally cracked up.

no bret hart voice yet?


Neil Burk aka THE EWA PRIZE PACK WINNA!!! said...


kanga said...

Come on Man! HAHA! Love it BDD!!! And I agree with SRR. More Fake Bret!!!

crazed conspiracy theorist said...

Hey Dan, as smart of a person as you are. I'm extremely surprised you aren't looking at the other side.

A Country that is based on deceit and inhumane deeds [must I list them all?]

It doesn't change over night. The game is still the same. Sure Obama is charismatic and comes across "sincere" can we honestly say his intentions are good and for the betterment of the country?

Couldn't you look at it like this: after bush, a nation is left vunerable and in need of change, a miracle man "obama" is staged, Is Obama really going to bring change? or does he just comes across with the "illusion of change" considering he's:

a)Younger President

b)Extremely charismatic

c)Bi-racial [obvious one, he could have been fully black, One starts to wonder they choose a bi-racial to present the illusion of eequality for both "races"

d)Decent lookin man, carl marx theory ties into this. people are more receptive to people with stronger physical appeal

e)He often makes pop culture references from Lil Wayne to even doing the infamous "Jay Z" DIRT off your shoulders move on the podium when asked about Hilary and here tactics.

Someone can read this and say:

1)your overeacting, relax dude "change is good"

2)he's better than McCain

My thing is look McCain or Obama or whomever they American structure is controlled by a group of elitist, who essentially run the world and are about to implement the "Amero" and world Gov't in the coming years.

Obama is simply a strategic move and not to mention his blood relation to the "elitist" group such as Dick Cheaney.

Obama did not show up to the white house with a resume and 3 references, the american political structure is in the palm of the elitist hands and the elections are a stage show put on by them to once again present the illussion of "choice" and "democracy" to the people.

It's not a black thing, don't get excited ot happy because he's black because he's just a strategic move and a puppet at the end of the day.

Same league, same rules difference is they just drafted a new face to play the game which they control.

Everyone is praising him like change has come but that itself shows the "tactics" are working. Lets see what he does now, and it would be a damn thing different because he doesn't do anything, it's the elitist the run the economy that are driving the ship, obama and every president is just a tour guide/ posert boy.

then again im just a crazed conspiracy theorist..the world couldnt be that evil...

Dan-e-o said...

crazed conspiracy theorist,

Intelligent points, all of them.

Allow me to reiterate that I never once made the comment that I beleive Barack Obama will be a good and/or better president because he is black. That would be an idiotic statement.

My comments on my article as well as those on the show simply highlighted the fact that a black man has succeeded in a groundbreaking accomplishment. This is something to be proud of and hopeful for.

By no means do I assume that racism has fully dissipated or that change will take place "over night". No one, including Barack Obama believes that real change will come that quickly, or that easily.

Sure, it's easy to like Obama because of the disaster that George W. Bush is/was...and of course, by comparison Obama comes off more sincere, articulate and trustworthy.

Is the U.S. still run by an elitist group? Of course. Naturally. Obviously.

But that doesn't mean each and every policy and perspective on how to do things will remain the same.

I don't own a crystal ball and profess to know how Obama's tenure as president will go. As you said, "let's see what he does now". There is no possible way to judge his abilities at this point.

But one thing is matter how small you may think it will be, if at all...change will come in some form. My belief is that yes, it will be for the betterment of the country and therefore the world.

Things could be worse. McCain as president would ensure no change at all. You gotta agree (especially considering the pop culture references you listed) Obama the coolest damn president the States has ever had.

Give the man a change...he's not even president yet! Thanks for your comments.

Dan-e-o said...

Whoops...last sentence should have read "Give the man a chance..."

crazed conspiracy theorist said...

I hear you man, it's just weird how you completely supported him, usually your always stating both sides and your views are always on point and I agree with them 98% of the time..but I hear what your saying...hopefully shit doesnt get worse... and I don't like how the guys pro gay and pro jew which will cause more turmoil overseas....and its pretty much all the biblical signs we are seeing manifest now..especially with the state the world is just terrified that it's going to be more and more turmoil...sad to say it almost feels like what the world has been through so far isn't even the start...

it was scary when obama said "im nt just the u.s. president im the world president...almost as if hinting a world govt...which is going to be scary...

my point was just it's nothing to do with his race..the elite group selected him to use him to make people feel "change" has know..thats all....thanks for your opinions

Dante Ross said...

Funny show, guys. It was nice to have just the two of you. TJ only talks on Kingdom's show. Whats with that?

Glad you guys mentioned P-Vice. Its like you spankerchief'd her and she hasnt been back.

Cant wait for Lesnar to destroy Couture. That fight will be awesome but I predict Lesnar to win in the first round...with an F5.

And change has come since Obama became president. I will be losing my job in a couple weeks. Anybody need an office worker...?

crazed conspiracy theorists said...


hey dan just remember this one thing and remember this when i tell you and you will look back and remember me...when i say

Obama supports the NWO agenda and i dont mean hogan

Anonymous said...


Niggaz Want O show?

Anonymous said...


C'Mon Man!