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WWE Visits France

Big shout out to our boy, Franck, an O-ster from Nice, France who was "nice" enough to send us a review of a recent WWE house show out there! Like your bro Dan-e-o, Franck is a both a combined wrestling and music can check out his band's music at his MySpace page. We thank Franck for his contribution. Enjoy!

The arena had been sold out for months. I'd estimate 6800 marks and 200 smarks were inside.

Miz 'n' Morrison lost to the Colons. Good opener, great heat towards MnM. Crowd was chanting "you're gay" and "Miz sucks dicks" the whole match! Great Khali beat the crap outta Braddock. Huuuuuuuuuuuge pop for Khali, but crappy match as you'd expect.

Michelle McCool and Maria botched almost all their spots to grab victory against Maryse and Natalya. I didn't notice Maryse had such a flat ass before. Natalya is great when given the opportunity to wrestle!

Shelton Benjamin goes over The Brian Kendrick and K-Kwik to retain the U.S. Strap. I don't understand why Shelton is so over with the French audience, as he received by far one of the biggest pops of the night. Oh and the match was pretty good!

Jack Swagger lost to Finlay and Hornswoggle. All of the kids went crazy during this bout, thanks to mini-Finlay. The Hardy Boyz beat MVP and Mark Henry. It all Hardy all the way as they set the crowd on fire. Matt carried the team through the
match though.

Ezekiel squashed Kung Fu Naki. Sooooooooooo bad! Physically, Zeke is pretty impressive though, especially his arms !

Kozlov got DQed and Trips retained the Heavyweight title. The crowd went bananas for Triple H. Huge classic heel heat for Kozlov. I really enjoyed this match as it reminded me of the wrestling of old. I dig Kozlov. By the way, he was wearing the Soviet logo on his trunks, and he bladed at the end.

The Undertaker made The Big Show submit MMA style in a no DQ main event. Good match, similar to the Cyber Sunday one. General feeling is that it was a privilege to have Taker wrestling in France. God-like pop if I ever saw one!

Overall it was a very enjoyable show - lotsa beers after to celebrate, hope the Fed won't wait another 15 years to come back! Okay, writing makes me thirsty so I'm gonna go sink a cold one. Thanks for your time reading that crap!


5 comments: on "WWE Visits France"

jaques said...

I thought I was the onley OSTER in France! ??Were u live Franck??

Dante Ross said...

They popped for Shelton because they thought he was Orlando Jordan. Sounds like a fun show.

It took you this long to notice the flapjack booty on Maryse? It was the first thing I noticed. She has a Hank Hill ass.

Matt said...

"Crowd was chanting "you're gay" and "Miz sucks dicks" the whole match!"

Why would they not market to kids? its just the obvious move. Monkeys could make better decisions than the higherups at the E

Anonymous said...

France blows

Franck said...

Thank you Dan-E-(br)O, for plugging myspace and publishing the report ;o)

Jacques je suis sur Marseille. On est au moins deux Osters en France!

Dante, in fact I took me this long to admit about her ass until I had it for real in front of my eyes for 10 min straight. I guess I was in disbelief before lol. Maybe that's the magic of havin' 1rst row ringside seats.