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TNA Turning Point Recap

This very detailed account of last night's show was reported live as it happened on Enjoy!

We open with Jarrett saying any good company has a mix of veterans and young stars. Sting, Angle and Nash all think this is a joke. In fact Sting notes that Jarrett told him they'd only get on SpikeTV if he came to the company. We see Steiner joining the Main Event Mafia. Joe notes these guys get paid three times as much as the rest of the roster and barely ever show up.

Kurt Angle, Sharmell, Booker T, Kevin Nash, Steve Borden and Scott Steiner all get out of a stretch Hummer limo. All of them ignore J.B. and walk away without comment. Borash finally stops Steiner for a comment.

"You smell that J.B.? I smell greatness! Main Event Mafia, we are the greatest collection of world champions to ever come together. And we've come together for one reason - respect! See we earned our respect, paid our dues, so you can imagine our shock when we come to TNA go in the lockerroom these guys are reading comic books and playing video games? See they disrespected us! The very people who paved the way for them. They want a war? There ain't gonna be no war. We'll end it before it ever gets started. These young PUNKS, they don't have what it takes, to step in the ring with the Main Event Mafia. Now get our bags!"

Pyros go off in Orlando and Don West notes that tonight the Legends Title will be at stake for the first time ever. It's time for our first match!

X-Division Ranking Match: Consequences Creed, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Jimmy Rave, Volador Jr., Eric Young, Doug Williams, Tanahashi, Homicide & Jay Lethal

Talk about your clusterfuck opener! Trying to recap this move for move is going to be almost entirely impossible. Mike Tenay explains that this ranking match will have lucha libre rules, so if one man gets thrown out another can immediately step in to take his place. Rave and Creed start out. Creed hits a hiptoss and a clothesline and is rolling early. Rave responds with a clothesline of his own that sends Creed out and Dutt comes in. Dutt tosses Rave out and Lethal comes in. Lethal punches the crap out of him until he baseball slides outside to kiss Val. Lethal does a suicide dive onto him in retaliation! Val is apoplectic.

Back in the ring it's Homicide and Tanahashi. Homicide hits a snap suplex and dropkick, and Tanahashi misses a crossbody attempt to the corner before a boot to the face. Doug Williams takes his place, and when Homicide gives chase Petey Williams subs in. Petey knocks Doug Williams down with a guillotine spin kick for two. Doug eats a dropkick to the chest and a 'rana to the outside. This brings in Eric Young and Volador Jr. Volador leapfrogs Eric and hits a series of armdrags before going to an arm breaker. Young powers up and sets Volador on the top rope, and Volador kicks him in the head and armdrags him to the floor. Lethal comes back in and Volador do a chain series of moves back and forth with neither one setting up a near fall, just to pop the crowd.

Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Lethal, but Dutt sneaks in and wipes Lethal out. Volador takes exception and goes after him. Dutt leapfrogs off his chest and then hits a tilt-a-whirl armdrag. Dutt gets tied up for a minute but hits a DDT to go back on offense. He goes top rope, Volador cuts him off and climbs to the top, then hits a super'rana for the three count! SONJAY DUTT ELIMINATED, NOW #10 IN THE RANKINGS. Rave comes in to try to get Volador while he's celebrating. Volador 'ranas him to the outside and does a suicide dive! The crowd in Orlando is pumped. They get back in the ring and Rave hits his Rock the World finisher for three. VOLADOR ELIMINATED, #9 IN THE RANKINGS.

Doug Williams comes in. Rave boots him in the face but Williams hits a roll through suplex for three. RAVE ELIMINATED, #8 IN THE RANKINGS. Petey Pump tries to come in and gets tossed. Consequences Creed gets tossed too. Big clusterfuck as they all hit the ring. Homicide and Doug start brawling. Homicide hits the Gringo Cutter and does a topei so hard that he goes over the railing and hits his head on the barricade. I'm not sure if that was the planned spot or not!

The crowd is popping for it. The ref says he's eliminated because he can't continue, so that may have been the plan after all. HOMICIDE ELIMINATED, #7 IN THE RANKINGS. Hernandez comes to check on him. All six men left hit the ring and start brawling. Creed hits a spinning neckbreaker on Tanahashi and Petey Pump comes in. Creed and Petey Pump circle each other then exchange knife edge chops. They duck each other's big moves for a minute before Petey hits a Canadian Destroyer out of nowhere! CREED ELIMINATED, #6 IN THE RANKINGS.

Doug Williams and Tanahashi double team him, Tanahashi hits a frogsplash and gets the three count! PETEY PUMP ELIMINATED, #5 IN THE RANKINGS. A U-S-A chant breaks out as they both beat up Jay Lethal. Doug hits a running knee, Tanahashi hits a dropkick, Doug hits a gut wrench suplex, Tanahashi hits a somersault leg drop for two. They pull Lethal back up and toss him, he lands on his feet, then small packages Tanahashi for three. TANAHASHI #4 IN THE RANKINGS.

Doug clotheslines him but Lethal kicks out at 2.9! Eric Young is stumbling around the ring but he runs right into Lethal picking up Williams, then slams him down and takes the pin. DOUG WILLIAMS #3 IN THE RANKINGS. Eric Young and Jay Lethal exchange a handshake and go to war. Eric tries to roll him up for a near fall. Eric ducks a clothesline and hits a forearm smash for two. Young hits a bridge suplex and gets the three count, and Eric seems as shocked as I am that he won! It almost seems like Lethal was supposed to kick out and didn't do it in time, but either way that's your result. JAY LETHAL FINISHES #2 AND ERIC YOUNG FINISHES #1.

Young cuts a post-match promo as the X-Division guys return, saying that the Main Event Mafia will face the challenge of real "wrestlers" tonight. "We're not entertainers, we're not sideshow freaks, we're not millionaires - we're wrestlers! This journey started as a dream - our dream. No wait - everyone's dream. Everyone in here, out there, in the Impact Zone, you, you, you, her, him, this guy, everyone! It started in the Asylum in Nashville six years ago. Hell we were kids - some of us still are. But we're kids with heart.

We've come to PROVE our legacy, and leave no doubt, that our legacy will not be forgotten. So tonight Main Event Mafia, tonight that legacy continues. Maybe the biggest and best chapter, it starts here tonight. These kids, tonight these kids become men!" Okay, decent opener, not too bad of a promo from Young either. Nice they actually took the time for a post-match angle. Tenay and West run down the rest of tonight's card.

Foley and Jarrett are backstage with Lauren. Jarrett: "As the founder I'm responsible for each and every man on the roster. What happens in the ring happens in the ring, what happens outside is TNA's responsibility. Mick, I want you to go talk to the kids. I'm gonna face Kurt straight up. Good luck!" Lauren asks Foley something I can't hear, Foley's response is also inaudible. Uhh, FAIL. That was EPIC FAIL. Bad backstage segments like these are why I praise the Beer Gods for their sustenance.

Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed v. Roxxi Laveaux & Taylor Wilde

Rhaka Khan accompanies the heels to the ring, while the babyfaces come out one at a time with no help. Taylor Wilde gets tossed and Kong ends up in the ring alone with Roxxi. Roxxi avoids a butt bomb and tries to crossbody her to no avail. Kong tags out and Roxxi gives Saeed some punishment before tagging in Wilde. Wilde and Roxxi keep making quick tags to beat up Saeed and cut off the ring - so fast I can't type quick enough to keep up with who's the legal (wo)man.

Saeed gets armdragged to the heel corner but doesn't tag out. Finally when she does tag out Roxxi and Kong double dropkick her, then the newly legal Roxxi covers her for two. Rhaka Khan snags Roxxi's leg on the outside, enabling Kong to splash her on the ropes. Kong chokes her with a boot to the throat until the ref makes her break.

Kong plants Roxxi's face in the turnbuckle and tags in Saeed. Scoop slam and corkscrew elbow for a two count before Roxxi kicks out. Saeed knocks Wilde off the apron and puts an elbow into Roxxi's chin. Now the heels are cutting off the ring. Clusterfuck as we go to the outside with Wilde chasing Rhaka Khan and Kong hitting a big splash that doesn't put Roxxi away. Saeed piefaces Wilde, she tries to run in, and the heels double team Roxxi behind the ref's back. Saeed suplexes Roxxi for two and the crowd starts to pop for her to make a comeback.

Dueling "let's go Roxxi" and "let's go Kong" chants break out as the heels continue to double team. Kong throws Saeed onto Roxxi then puts a boot to her throat again. Kong goes up to the second rope but misses her big airborne splash. Roxxi rolls towards Wilde, Saeed tries to hook the leg, but Roxxi hits a spin kick to get free and Wilde gets the hot tag. Wilde even wipes out Rhaka Khan on the apron with an elbow. Roxxi comes in to block up a double team, then comes off the ropes with a double clothesline. All four women are in the ring. Wilde and Saeed get noggin knockers. Kong is dumped out to the floor by a rope pull. Roxxi crossbodies her out on the floor. Wilde gets a bridge suplex on Saeed for three! WINNERS: ROXXI LAVEAUX & TAYLOR WILDE.

J.B. is in the back with the Main Event Mafia. He tries to interview Sting but Jarrett interrupts. "You're all here to earn a living tonight. All I'm asking you guys to do tonight is be professional, and as a peer I'm asking you to not let it get out of hand." Angle says a has-been who sits behind a desk is no peer. "You can't tell us what we can and can't do when you won't get in the ring with me! Until you grow some balls, your word around here means nothing!" Nash interrupts and throws Angle out.

J.B. tries to hold the mic up to Nash so he can settle things down but we can't hear a single word that Kevin says, and believe me, I've got the volume CRANKED on this. ANOTHER EPIC FAIL. They need better mics or fucking Buttnugget Borash needs to learn how to hold them right. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

Non-Title Grudge Match: Sheik Abdul Bashir v. Rhino

They send out "an army hero" named Sergeant Autrey to introduce Rhino. I smell a swerve. The guy looks like a chunky, cocky, camouflage wearing Bashir sympathizer. In fact if he doesn't clonk Rhino at some point during this match I'll be fucking shocked. Rhino catches a leg early when Bashir goes for a kick, then tosses Bashir high in the air like a Detroit pizza pie. Rhino wants to hit the GORE early to end the match but Bashir bails out to the floor, which as you would expect leads to the typical Rhino brawling outside. Amazingly he throws Bashir back into the ring instead of going over the guardrail.

Bashir begs for a time out and bows to him like he's praying to the East, but Rhino stomps on his hand and throws him from one turnbuckle to the other. Bashir finally fights back with an elbow, then tries to take a pad off the turnbuckle, and while the ref is putting it back on Bashir hits a low blow and covers Rhino for two. The camera shows us a bunch of facepaint wearing juggalos in the crowd, probably there to support Rhino. It might actually be Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J for all I know, they've had stints in TNA before.

Bashir is the one who takes the action outside this time, does a crotch chop in front of the juggalos, rakes Rhino's eyes then faints hitting them to make them back off. Okay, lay odds on the angle here. 2-1 Autrey turns heel and costs Rhino the match. 5-1 the juggalos at ringside jump the rail and get Rhino DQ'd. 15-1 both the juggalos and Sgt. Autrey get involved.

Back in the ring Bashir grounds Rhino with a chokehold and the ref picks up his arm twice before Rhino holds it up on the third try. Rhino works his way up slowly as Bashir sells losing his grip, but Bashir tries to jump on his back for a better chokehold and just like a UFC match the intended target slams him down back first. The selling by Bashir after the bump though is anything but MMA as he flops around like a fish.

Rhino goes on offense with elbows and spears and a belly to belly suplex for two. Three things I miss about Eastern Michigan when I watch a Rhino match - my friends and family, the strong indie music & wrestling scene, and the food in the D. Mmm, Greektown. Bashir shoves the ref as he gets pissed at him interfering, spits in his face, but Rhino hits the GORE GORE GORE the moment Bashir turns around and the ref immediately counts three. WINNER: RHINO. Wow, no angles! You'd have lost money on all THREE bets.

We immediately cut TO THE BACK where Foley is trying to give the young kids in the lockerroom a pep talk. Alex Shelley says "I don't care, about anything you have to say." Foley: "If I acknowledge that then everything Sting and the Main Event Mafia says about you guys is true."

Foley says the only reason he's here is to support the young guys. Shelley: "If you want to support us why don't you take your dumpy ass back to your desk and your pencils..." and Lethal has had enough and jumps Shelley, sending him flying into the lockers. AJ Styles personally apologizes to Foley. "Some of these guys AJ. Some of these guys!"

Beer Money Inc. {C} v. Motor City Machine Guns (TNA Tag Titles Match)

Well a pretty good PPV so far despite an overbooked opener and a couple of shitty interview segments, and things are likely to kick up here a notch with my two favorite TNA tag teams other than LAX going head up against each other. Sabin bounces around on his feet and warms up while BMI and Jacqueline have a huddle in the heel corner. They break and James Storm steps up to lock up with Sabin. Sabin hits a shoulderblock and sends Storm flying into Jacqueline, who complains loudly to the ref. I thought she'd like Storm between her legs.

ANYWAY Sabin tags out to Shelley who works over Storm's arm. Storm breaks free and tags out to Roode, but Shelley nearly gets him with a quick pin. Both BMI members end up on the outside so both of the Guns hit dives to the outside to wipe them out. Double team MCMG moves go rapid fire one after another on Roode, and then a slingshot elbow sets up Shelley for a two count. Arm wringers, spinning kicks, Shelley is non-stop with the offensive flurry. Double leg takedown, second rope springboard flip for two. Storm blind tags in and drops Shelley's neck on the ropes.

Now the heels are in control and Sabin is stuck on the outside patiently waiting for a tag as they cut off the ring and stomp Shelley down. Don West complains that BMI are going to do every cheap trick in the book. Funny, that's exactly what I LIKE about Beer Money. Of course it's only a cheap trick when the heels are doing it, while it's "rapid fire machine gun offense" when the babyfaces from Michigan pull it off. Actually it's a cheap trick any time Jacqueline gets involved. HA HA HA, I KEED I KEED~!

Double suplex on Shelley and the heels celebrate like they just won the Superbowl. Storm misses a running attack to the corner and crotches himself, but Rudy Charles claims he missed the tag from Sabin and disallows him from coming in, which allows Jacqueline to get involved and hit Shelley with some extra damage. Shelley ducks Roode and Storm accidentally gets clonked, then Shelley ties them both up for a double DDT. Sabin finally gets the hot tag!

Sabin is a house of fire, he's the wave of the future, he's all that and a bag of pork cracklins. The heels get stacked up like cordwood in the corner for a double team kick. Springboard DDT by Sabin gets a two count as Roode somehow manages to kick out. Sabin clocks him in the head with elbows but Storm blind tags in. Shelley ducks Roode and he goes flying into Storm's nuts. Suicide dive to the outside and Roode goes into the rail. Shelley hits a frogsplash off the top, Sabin makes the cover, 2.999!

Sabin is in shock the count wasn't three, Roode clubs him from behind while he's stunned, Shelley moves Sabin out of the way before Roode can do more damage and they double clothesline him. Corkscrew elbow by Sabin, springboard misses, Shelley goes up to the top for a senton then pulls back on the legs and arms for a legdrop by Sabin on his exposed head. Storm breaks up the three count.

All four men are hitting moves now at will and the ref has no control over this match - not as though he had any to begin with but STILL. Shelley sets up for a top rope double team move, they've got Roode up high, he tries to fight it off and yanks Shelley down into a tree of woe. Beer Money try to set up a double team of their own but Sabin escapes with a head kick and climbs up. All four men are up on the ropes and we get the electric chair spot with them all coming backwards off the ropes. West: "It's all a matter of who can get up first to put on the finishing touch!" Well no it's not because the first pin cover is kicked out.

Double team kicks by the faces, Roode gets covered, Jacqueline runs in while the ref is distracted, Sabin holds up a fist like he's going to punch her... opts not to, then gives her a scoop slam! Sabin goes for a roll-up, Storm spits beer into his face, BMI hit a double team powerbomb for three and this clusterfuck match comes to an end. WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPS: BEER MONEY INCORPORATED. I should have enjoyed that a lot more than I did. At least TNA shows us a highlight reel including the Drinking While Investing (DWI, get it) finisher before going TO THE BACK.

Borash is backstage with Booker T and Sharmell. Sharmell: "Booker is not going to comment at this point. Talking is done. Tonight he'll show the world why he is a legend. This belt represents the legend that he is. Tonight Christian Cage will become a member of the Main Event Mafia. This interview is over. Let's go baby!" We go to a video package of African King Booker cutting promos about his Legends Title and his upcoming match with Christian. Hmm, I seem to remember these two having this same feud in WWE, except it was for the Intercontinental Title and the face and heel roles were reversed.

Booker T {C} v. Christian Cage (Legends Title Match with Main Event Mafia stip)

Cage and Booker talk smack and Booker says they don't need to go through this if Cage will just join the Mafia. He responds by shoving Booker in the chest. The ref holds up the belt, calls for the bell and we're underway in the first ever defense of the TNA Legends Title. Back and forth for the first couple of minutes until Cage hits an elbow to his face and makes a cover that doesn't even get one, which sends Booker out to the floor to recoup.

When Booker comes back in he catches Christian for a spinebuster and a two count, which sends Christian to the outside. The two brawl in the small space between the rin gand barricade. Booker gets a double leg takedown and stomps on Christian's chest, then catapults him into the turnbuckle. I think Cage might be blading. No, apparently not. That would have been a good spot to do it though. Superkick by Booker when they get back in the ring for a two count.

Mike Tenay says Genesis in January 2009 will be in Charlotte, North Carolina and go to the TNA website for all the details. Meanwhile Booker has Christian grounded and a key lock applied. Cage tries to fight his way back up with gut punches, but Booker catches him with a knee. Cage responds by catching Booker off the ropes for a snap suplex and a two count. Christian throws Booker to the corner for chops and punches. Booker tries to reverse a whip but still eats an elbow, then Christian comes off the ropes with a flying forearm for two.

Christian may have been going for a Boston crab but Booker rakes the eyes to break it up. Christian ducks a blow and hits an inverted DDT for two, then goes up the ropes. Sharmell interferes and buys Booker the time to come over and crotch Christian. He goes up for a superplex and hits it! He rolls over slowly for the cover and Cage kicks out at 2.999.

Booker is feeling cocky and does a SPINAROONIE to celebrate, but Cage reverses Booker into a pin for two post-celebration. Cage mocks Booker and holds up the hand over his face like he'll do his own Spinaroonie, then opts to try and toss him out to the floor. Booker saves himself and responds with an axe kick that leads to a near fall. Christian responds by grapevining Booker's legs and then turning him over for a sharpshooter that I think even Bret Hart would approve of. Sharmell puts the badmouth on Cage to distract him, slaps him in the face to boot, Booker charges and almost kicks his wife in the face by mistake. ALMOST.

Booker gets taken down for a near fall. Christian sets up for the Unprettier, Booker blocks, Booker goes for the axe kick, Christian ducks, Cage tries to schoolboy him but Booker reverses it and grabs the ropes for three! WINNER AND STILL LEGENDS CHAMPION: BOOKER T. Christian is now forced to join the Main Event Mafia.

Booker: "You see Christian! You see! I didn't want to hurt ya, you know why, because right now Booker - De Legends Champion, would like to welcome you to the Main Event Mafia. Tomorrow morning, eight o'clock, we got a meeting, and I need you there. I need you on this team!" Christian looks sad and disgusted. We go backstage for a skit with Abyss and Matt Morgan.

Abyss screams a lot and says he requested FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE for his match with Kurt Angle. Blah blah blah you won't be safe in the concession stand eating a hot dog psycho laughter blah blah blah. I think I liked Abyss better when he never spoke. Bring back Kid Kash to be his mouthpiece again.

Kurt Angle v. The Monster Abyss (Falls Count Anywhere)

Tenay tells Don West to strap on the seatbelt for this match. Perhaps he should strap on an oxygen mask too. Abyss comes towards Angle when the bell rings and Angle immediately drops down to the floor. He cautiously comes back into the six-sidded ring. Abyss charges, Angle ducks. Abyss charges, Angle rolls out to the floor again to a chorus of boos from the crowd. When he comes back in Abyss finally catches him and starts CLUBBERIN' him in the corner.

Angle tries to escape but runs right into a clothesline. Angle ducks another blow and starts kicking away at Abyss' legs to chop him down to size. It's for naught as Abyss overpowers him and picks up Angle to hit SHOCK TREATMENT. Angle kicks out at 2.9. Angle recovers and Abyss clotheslines him to the floor. Angle goes over the rail to escape and here comes our obligatory crowd brawl for the FCA stip.

You know the steez - Abyss chases and Angle flees. Fans keep rubbing Abyss on the shoulder and slapping him on the back as the camera follows him through the crowd. Angle decides he's at a disadvantage in the crowd and heads back towards the ring, but Abyss catches up to him at the guardrail and clotheslines him over it. Angle rakes the eyes and goes for a steel chair, then jabs Abyss in the gut and clonks him in the back.

Don West: "You can just feel the waffling!" That's one of the most awkward lines West has ever used, and this man has almost as many as Mike Adamle. Maybe he had the hot breakfast at Holiday Inn and was thinking of Belgian waffles. Angle does a somersault off the top of the stage onto Abyss! HOLY SHIT. An incredible spot, I shit you not. Angle gets a two count before they continue brawling in front of the announce table.

The brawl continues! (But the safety lecture does not.) Angle spears Abyss right through a breakaway wooden wall up by the video screens. The blow sent them all the way into the backstage area and there are no cameras following the action, and the crowd is booing since they can't see anything on the video screens. Abyss throws Angle through a wall on the left side of the stage and TNA's inept director nearly misses it.

Abyss throws him back into the ring, but I think Angle was attempting to untie a turnbuckle while Abyss was setting up to charge. Angle chop blocks the leg to take him down and then kicks the back of the knee when Abyss gets up. Abyss blocks another shot with a clothesline as we pass the 10 o'clock EST mark, then goes for a near fall.

Abyss goes for another Shock Treatment, Angle fights out of it, then Angle goes for the Olympic Slam and hits it! Angle gets a near fall. Angle goes outside for a chair but when he prepares to swing Abyss punches it right back into his face! Abyss goes to wedge the chair between two ropes. Angle was playing possum while he set them up, but a low blow by Abyss cuts Angle off and he gets sent head first into the chair anyway. Goozle, chokeslam. West: "One, two, three - done. NO!! No freaking way Kurt kicked out of that!" Yes way Don.

Abyss knocks him down, lays the chair across Angle's body, goes to the second rope and dives but Angle rolls out of the way and Abyss' knee connects with the chair. To add insult to injury Angle cracks him in the head with it, then lays the chair out on him! Angle goes to the third rope, hits a moonsault on the chair, AND ABYSS STILL KICKS OUT. This kind of booking is main event - it may kill the crowd for the ACTUAL main event. Abyss catches Angle in mid move, picks him up for a piledriver, Kurt counters into an ankle lock, Abyss kicks him off, Angle ducks a clothesline but gets a Black Hole Slam coming off the ropes for 1-2-NO! Angle kicks out again.

Angle tries to crawl away on hands and knees. He's had enough. He stands up and pushes the guardrail apart to escape through the crowd and heads towards the Spanish Announce Table. Abyss gives chase. Angle crawls up the announce table onto the nearby scaffolding. Abyss follows him! Okay this is getting stupid. I'm enjoying it but seriously you guys are TOTALLY killing the Sting vs. AJ Styles title match right now.

Abyss pulls him off as he tries to climb higher, picks him up for a press slam onto the announce table below, but Kurt counters and gives him a European uppercut which sends Abyss DOWN onto the announce table. Angle makes the cover on the table and the ref counts three! WINNER: KURT ANGLE. Tenay calls that "freakin' awesome" and even reluctantly considering I think it was bad booking I have to agree. Replays follow.

Samoa Joe is backstage with Lauren, who wants his thoughts on Nash. "Yeah Kevin you were a mentor, maybe even a friend, but I knew you'd come hunting for me sooner or later. I'm only disappointed you were such a petty bitch and I underestimated you'd come after me so soon. If there's one thing Kevin Nash can't stand, it's standing next to greatness. Tonight pay attention, look what you taught me - I'm calm, collected and focused. You see TONIGHT is not about respect. Tonight... is about getting even." Wow - a good backstage segment! I approve.

Grudge Match - Samoa Joe v. Kevin Nash

Nash and Joe start throwing punches right away when the bell rings. Big Sexy is wearing shiny, bright red pants and a red singlet. With his white hair and beard he looks like Christmas come early. Joe knocks him down, goes for a choke, and the ref makes him stop. Chop to the back, kick to the chest, knee drop, two count. Nash goes out for a breather, Joe gives chase and a headbutt before slamming Nash face first into the TNA Announce Table.

Nash responds by whipping Joe head and shoulder first into the steel ringposts on the outside, then cracks open a toolbox to grab some clippers and expose the top turnbuckle while Joe is down. The ref makes no move to stop him, then again, I wouldn't tell a 7 foot 300 pound guy what to do even if he is old enough to be my grandpa.

Action spills back into the ring, Joe momentarily gets the advantage, but as you might expect Nash trips him and sends him headfirst into the exposed turnbuckle. Nash goes for knees to the back (well more like shins, but Tenay calls it knees) and works him over on the ropes. Actually when he runs the ropes to splash Joe that's the fastest I've seen Nash move in years. Elbow drop coming off the ropes gets a two count.

Nash does it again but doesn't go for the cover this time. Nash throws him into the ropes and hits a punch to the small of his back each time he bounces off. On the third try Joe turns and nails him, then hits a boot to the chin and a back splash for two. Joe gets Nash down, mounts him, and goes for a little ground 'n pound. Nash pokes him in the eyes to escape and goes out for a steel chair. Nash sets up with it and clocks Joe when he charges across the ring to get him with a suicide dive. Ouch. Nash comes back in and makes a cover for two.

Nash hits a big boot, pulls down the straps, and holds up a fist to signal it's all over. Jackknife powerbomb connects! 1-2-NO. Samoa Joe kicks out! Nash is stunned. He pulls Joe up and posts his head into the exposed turnbuckle again. The ref screams at him over and over, saying "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" He doesn't DQ Nash though. While this was going on Joe snuck in a blade job, and he's bleeding all the way down his nose. West says it might be better if the match was stopped. Nash sets up for a second jackknife and connects. JOE KICKS OUT.

Tenay: "We've never seen anything like that before in all the matches of Kevin Nash!" WHAT MATCHES. Nash hardly ever has any! Joe tries to get a submission but can't. The ref gets wiped out and Nash hits Joe with a low blow, then drags the ref over to make the count. Nash climbs on the ropes to make sure Joe can't kick out. WINNER: KEVIN NASH. No time for Nash to celebrate though as we go TO THE BACK.

J.B. is with Sting, who actually has the clown makeup on. "I don't have any regrets at all. You've got to take a cold hard look back to move forward. I struck a nerve with AJ when I said his dad kicked him out of the house at 15. I did it for his own good. Even now I'm trying to help him but he spits in my face every time. I know that my will is stronger than anything AJ brings to the ring tonight, and tonight I'm gonna kick him out of the house."

Sting {C} vs. AJ Styles (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

I must offer this honest assessment. Considering this is the first TNA PPV that I've ordered in six months to a year, I can honestly say the matches have been pretty good, most of the promos have been okay, and only a few of the backstage interviews have really stunk up the place. Considering some of the recent episodes of Impact that I've seen in HD were okay too, I MIGHT be inclined to say TNA is on a roll. Almost.

Given their go-home show did a rating lower than the week previous and nobody but the 30K or so die-hard TNA fans bought this PPV (and a few unfortunate schmoes like me) that's probably not true, but I can honestly say I'm not HATING the fact I spent $30 on this - I'm just mildly uncomfortable with it. For TNA, that's an improvement. J.B. does the big match introduction and announces Earl Hebner as the ref. It's 10:35 EST already so this match isn't going to go very long.

AJ is announced as 215 pounds, the #1 contender, and hailing from Gainesville. "THE GAY COMMUNITY~?!" Sting weighs 255 pounds, hails from Venice Beach, and is the reigning champ and "The Icon." Boo and such. TOP FIVE REASONS WHY STING IS KNEEEEEE~!

The bell rings and we're underway. AJ is being cautious, Sting is eyeing him suspiciously. West notes that the Main Event Mafia has been winning all night, but a loss here would tarnish the entire group. AJ tries a go behind and Sting gets to the ropes for a clean break. Styles starts working the left arm, Sting reverses it, AJ reverses the hammerlock right back but Sting snapmares him over. AJ doesn't let go through and tries to transition to an armbar.

Sting snapmares him again, AJ is tenacious though and won't give up on the hold. He wrings the arm, forces Sting down to a knee, but Sting snapmares him. Okay this is getting a little old - we get the point. Finally Sting hits elbows to the face, but AJ leapfrogs him coming off the ropes. AJ goes for a kick to the face, Sting held up by grabbing the ropes and AJ ate canvas. Styles waits and hits it on the second try, and Sting goes out for a breather.

Sting milks the ten count, AJ goes out to give chase, and Sting gets back in the ring. AJ comes back in and hits Sting with a slam and knee drop for two. Sting power slams Styles to the outside hard and goes for a WOO that even as a heel the crowd won't boo. When AJ comes back in Sting slows things down with an ab stretch and AJ sells the shots to the ribs that follow for all they're worth.

Styles tries to fight out and Sting drops him ribs first across the cables. Sting spears him in the corner and the crowd tries to chant for an AJ comeback. A kick to the midsection leaves him gasping. Sting whips him from corner to corner and leaves him in a heap in the center of the ring. AJ finally breaks off a long stretch of dominance by Sting with a pele kick to the head and both men are down as Hebner starts a 10 count. They both get back up around 7 or 8.

AJ tries to charge Sting to the corner, gets elevated to the apron, but uses that to hit a springboard onto Sting for a two count. AJ cinches Sting up for a snap suplex and gets another near fall. The momentum doesn't last long though and Sting is soon back in control, going to the top rope, but Styles moves out of the way when Sting dives. Boot to the gut, Styles Clash coming... NO.

Sting fights out with a kick to the head, elbow to the chin and a Stinger Splash in the corner. Sting pulls him back up to hit a second one and AJ eats it flush, crumpling to the ground. AJ is left hanging by the ropes when Sting hits a third. He sets Styles on the top rope and goes up for a suplerplex, but AJ counters and jumps over him into a powerbomb. Again both men are down!

Styles crawls over and drags Sting towards the ropes, then goes back to the apron. He goes up, SPIRAL TAP CONNECTS, but he's not making the cover. "One more time!" Styles says he's gonna do it again. He goes up top and suddenly Angle and Booker T run out to stop him. Styles knocks theim both off the apron, but misses with a pele kick and Sting gets the sideroll for three. WINNER AND STILL WORLD CHAMPION: THE ICON STING.

The entire Main Event Mafia comes out to celebrate Sting's win and their dominance of this PPV. AJ pulls his hands over his eyes, dejected at the loss. All of the MeM hold up their hands in victory as we get a recap of all the matches earlier in the night.

3 comments: on "TNA Turning Point Recap"

Neil said...

I smell a merger...Stevie J throws up a Dan-e-o reference in his live ANGRYMARKS recap and then THA O SHOW posts...if there is no merger we could start a group called THA ANGRY O SHOW MARKS...hypalaz!

BigDaddy said...

That was in fact Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope in the front row wearing "JWO" shirts (Juggalo World Order).

They also had Scott Hall with them... I've been told by a few people that RVD was there as well - rockin a beard - but hung back from the cameras.

TNA wasn't thrilled with this "invasion" nor with the workers who engaged them - namely Bashir and Shelley.

romello said...

TNA wasn't thrilled with the invasion? Shit! They should be happy with any rub they can get at this point,seeing how they've managed to royally fuck up any chance they have of making their company a success.A roster filled with outstanding talent and they still have no fucking clue of how to produce 2 hours of quality television,week in and week out.Shit,with the roster of talent they have,most of the angles write themselves,and these butt monkeys still can't get it right.