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Ziggler Free WWE

A few weeks ago one of the few reasons I have to watch WWE anymore was hurt. I'm talking about Dolph Ziggler. I mean, I know that Roman Reigns just hurt his ankle but I know close to nothing about the guy except that he has a great Spear and gets an entire tattoo sleeve done in one week and then continues to wrestle. Seriously, how is that possible?! I have six tattoos and had to baby each one. It was hard to type let alone compete against another grown ass man. How do they do that? I recall Umaga showing up one week with an entire new back tattoo and just bouncing all over the damn place!

Wow. That was a whole new level of digression.

So while interfering with a match Jack Swagger, who in a previous article I wrote about, accidentally kicked Ziggler in the head. Ziggler ended up completing what he was there to do and it turns out that he ended up suffering from retrograde amnesia. Now being the bionic nerd that I am I looked up what this was. While there are different forms of it, the most basic of explanations if that it erases memories closest associated around the time of the injury. This would explain why Ziggler could not remember Raw until he watched it later, traveling from Raw to Smackdown, of the entirety of Tuesday.

“I don't even remember Monday until I watched Raw when I got home. I don't even remember traveling from Raw to Smackdown. I don't remember Tuesday. I remember AJ and Big E [Langston] taking me to the airport on Wednesday morning” Ziggler said during a WWE interview.

There’s no specific time frame for Ziggler’s return and that sucks. He was seriously one of the few reasons for me to watch anything in WWE. I’m tired of most of the wrestlers and really only keep up from reading sites, listening to Tha O Show, and Saturday Morning Slam. Dolph Ziggler is entertaining as fuck. I don’t know if you’ve seen his stuff lately but not only is he good, he makes the guys he’s in the ring with look good. The fact that WWE is at the point where Swagger and stinking Alberto Del Rio. Seriously? That’s all you got for the guy?

So for the time being he is a champ that cant even wrestle. Who knows how long the company can even let him sit out and heal (properly)? As much as I miss seeing the guy I hope he does come back a while from now at 100%. It just sucks that he was taken out by someone that shouldn’t even be with the company.

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