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Tha O Show: Episode 312

Tha O Show is back with the 312th installment and it is a banger!!

Once again, Voodoo Drew is not in the house, so Notorious T.I.D. and Big Daddy Donnie are carrying the load and bringing the gold. 

On the show this week...

In Part 1:

Talk on Ryback:
  • what is missing and who's fault is it ?
  • is the looming return of  CM Punk proof positive that the office has lost faith in "The Big Hungry"
  • what should he do ? What should the writers and agents do? 
  • How do we FIX Ryback and make him a TOP heel that draws money?
Curtis Axel
  • His potential is undeniable, but will he get over?  What will be the key?
  • Has the WWE already committed a cardinal sin with Axel?
  • How do you prevent the "Tensai disaster"?
Big E Langston
  • is his push too big or fast?
  • does he have to turn into a singles wrestler?
  • If he splits from Ziggler, who's the face?
Bret Hart appreciation night
  • did it make sense?
  • should it have been on television for everyone?
  • what is Donnie's opinion on Bret now?
Injuries in pro wrestling
  • is there a way to prevent or even predict them?
  • Should the WWE adopt new technology that could limit their talent pool but keep their roster healthier.
Talk on Buck Zumhofe's massive legal issues and we ask the question ... what do John Cena, Big Show, Kaitlyn and Roman Reigns have in common? 
In Part 2
Our featured interview is the current TNA Television Champion, Devon!
  • talk on his Slammiversairy match against Joseph Park.
  • his contract situation before his involvement in the Aces and Eights angle.  
  • was he planning to return to TNA last summer, or was he going to hang 'em up? 
  • his thoughts on the split of Team 3D
  • a possible WWE return and talk on a definite Hall Of Fame Induction
  • Psychology of promo work and the art of reinventing yourself late in your career.

Ontario Indy Wrestler, Custom Made Marcus Ryan joins the guys in studio and we give our German Virgin Intern tangible advice on how to pick up women.
The intern also didn't complete his homework assignment from Episode 311, so his punishment was filmed and uploaded to Tha O Show's Facebook page.  Be sure to check THAT out!!

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