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TNA Hall Of Shame 2013

TNA/Impact! or how I create wrestling in my WWE video games because all the wrestlers come from different companies recently inducted Kurt Angle into their Hall of Fame. He is the first person to join the ranks of such amazing wrestlers as...uh...Sting. Yeah. Sting. That's it because this is only the second year they have done this joke. No disrespect to Sting or Kurt Angle. Both of them would make my top ten wrestlers of all time. The problem I have is the fact that they were the first two inductees into a hall of fame for a company that neither of them helped build. 

Now I know that people like to shit on smaller wrestlers but TNA was built on that. They were ROH-Lite to me years ago before they created their own identity. Guys like AJ Styles, Team Canada, Christopher Daniels, and Jeff Jarrett are the ones I think of when I think of TNA. One of them should have been first. And don't give me crap about them not being as popular as Sting or Angle. I doubt the average person knows who either of them are. As much of a Stinger as I am (was...) people would likely think he is Ultimate Warrior if you showed them a picture of his face.

When I first heard of this hall of fame I assumed that Jeff Jarrett would be inducted. Nope. Maybe Styles? No? Then who? I know that the company is made up of a roster consisting of mostly WCW, WWE, and ROH wrestlers. But the ones that have been there from the get-go should have been placed first. People talk about the WWE Hall of Fame as a joke because guys like Drew Carey and Pete Rose.


Having a guy that is the epitome of WCW that isn't a regular member of your roster and did nothing to help the company gain notoriety as your first inductee is bullshit. Again, Sting was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up but he is WCW till he dies. Kurt Angle should have retired in WWE but he went to TNA and I cant think of one match he has had that can top any he had with Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, The Rock, or Stone Cold Steve Austin. If anything he's done nothing but tarnish all the good he did with his multiple attempts at getting into MMA, arrests, and trying to get into the Olympics.

I am already making predictions for next years winner. Hulk Hogan maybe? Samoa Joe (who is not a TNA original no matter how often they say it)? Taz? Knowing the way this is going it'll probably be Eric Bischoff just to piss me off.

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