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Rewarding Bad Behavior

Last month on Raw Jack Swagger, after making a surprisingly triumphant return and winning streak, debuted his new manager, Zeb Colter. Less than a month into his return he was arrested for DUI, marijuana possession, and speeding. Now, I don’t give a damn about weed. I’m not a fan of it but am not opposed to others using it. But the DUI bothers me since so many wrestling tragedies have occurred because of people driving drunk. Its stupid and completely avoidable. I was expecting to hear about a suspension or future endeavor. 

I was very wrong. 

Not only was he not punished but he has been one of the most hyped guys going into Wrestlemania. He was shown on the news for his arrest and that was quickly turned around for he and Zeb’s “feud” with Glenn Beck. I hate these kind of feuds by the way. There’s no real pay off to it. What happens? Beck shows up and makes WWE look foolish or Zeb and Swagger make Beck, who most young WWE fans do not know, look foolish. Either way, where’s the wrestling I didn’t come for a debate?!

I have multiple issues with this entire Swagger storyline. Not the arrest which isn’t a part of it. That’s just a personal dislike for people who like to endanger everyone by being stupid. I really don’t like or understand storylines based on race relations. They do nothing but breed more anger and hatred. Let’s say that you cheer for what Zeb is saying. What does that make you look like? This isn’t like the Muhammad Hassan storyline where an Italian played a Middle Eastern guy. This is two White dudes saying that they don’t like immigrants. 

Before anyone says it I also hate when Blacks are involved in these storylines. The Nation Of Domination, while spring boarding The Rock to superstardom, was a whack ass group. I’ve never looked at Black wrestlers and wanted them to win just because of their race. I just want to see two great athletes compete and hopefully entertain me. 

With the West Texas Rednecks the tables turned. Instead of cheering for Masta P and the wrestlers that rolled with him people started cheering for the “bad guys.” These mofos had a hit song with Rap Is Crap! And don’t try and tell me this was about hatred for a particular music. This was a way to say “I am not a fan of Black things.” 

Then there was the video. Oh my lord the video! I know that Big Daddy Donnie and the rest of the crew loved the way they broke character but when I saw that video I just covered my face and said “No, no no no no…” Even though it was on Youtube I hate when I see stuff like this. I’ve tried to forget the fact that these guys are not wrestlers but sports entertainers. Videos like this just grab me by the collar and say “Everything we do is fake except when we get hurt! Look at me use my normal voice and real name! Look at me!”

I cant look at either of these guys and believe anything they say. I know it sounds stupid but I still wish that wrestling would pull back on letting the fans see so much of what’s going on behind the scenes. I enjoy wrestling so much more when I stay off of news sites for a few weeks and then watch a show. I see guys return and am genuinely surprised because I didn’t read about them arriving at the airport where a show is taking place. 

Most important in all this rambling is the fact that Jack Swagger sucks. Have you ever watched a match with him and thought “Damn, I wanna see that again it was so good!”? I sure as hell haven’t. Not once have I ever tuned in to see what he would do next. When he was serious, goofy, super patriotic, or anti-immigrant he has not been entertaining. I know he’s the real thing with his wrestling background and such but just ask Sylvester Terkay how far that gets you. Swagger has everything to make a great wrestler…on paper. He’s big as hell and has wrestling ability. But for whatever reason it just doesn’t add up in the ring. 

You now how when we were little and would impersonate wrestlers? Mine would be Ultimate Warrior, The Bushwhackers, Macho Man, and Mr. Perfect. I wonder if some kid is running around the playground shouting about immigrants in their school. Most of the people I know are immigrants or have parents that are. This is a feud that was over before it started.