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Tha O Show: Episode 311

Episode 311 of Tha O Show is here and this one's a beauty folks!!

Voodoo Drew is not in the house this week, but Tha bros of O are holdin it down - as Notorious T.I.D. and Big Daddy Donnie bring you two hours of wrestling radio gold.

On the show this week... The International Wrestling Superstar, HORNET makes his return right before leaving for a tour of Mexico!

Our featured guest is Fred Ottman - the former WWE / WCW star better known as Tugboat, Typhoon of the tag team champion Natural Disasters and most infamously, the Shockmaster!

In Part 1

- A little too much weird tranny talk
- Fallout from Extreme Rules
- The reveal of Curtis Axel
- Mark Henry's projected booking
- The man who might be the next big thing for TNA

In Part 2

Tugboat talking about

- His dream job working for wcw with hogan
- His mentor and partner John Tenta - The Earthquake
- What went wrong in his career
- and more!


- Talk in the comments of Carlito regarding the Shield...
- Talk on Daniel Bryan
- An installment of everyone's fav MMA segment, The Pit Stop
- We check in with our virgin German intern to see if he still is.  A german we mean.  We know he's a virgin,

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