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Tha O Show: Episode 310

If you haven't caught Tha O Show for a few weeks, do NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!

Trust me.

This week, Big Daddy Donnie, Notorious T.I.D. and Voodoo Drew welcome back to Tha O Show, an old friend who is doing really well for herself.  She is currently a star with CZW, and you've also seen her on ROH and WWE television - It's our old pal, Cherry Bomb!

The guys were expecting to be joined on the phone by Ernest "The Cat" Miller, but something came up and the Cat had to reschedule ... soooooo, instead, we bring you what is sure to become an ongoing segment on Tha O Show ...

Jamie Dundee VS Jamie Dundee.

Jamie, in true Jamie form also RIPS into some of the most beloved personalities in wrestling history.  We don't all agree with what he says, but we will always give him a place to say it.

This is pure gold.

Plenty of talk this week about the WWE World title picture, TNA's handling of Abyss's return, Aces and Eights, a tribute to Kenta Kobashi and so much more!!   Pure gold.

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Thanks everyone!

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