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Too Grown For Saturday Morning Slam?

For the past few Saturdays I’ve been watching WWE Saturday Morning Slam. I had heard of it and read results of it in passing with no real interest to check it out assuming that it would be nothing but recaps from the weekly shows with maybe a match thrown in. I mean, hell, the show is only half an hour long. Turns out I was way wrong.

I’ve seriously dropped off from watching wrestling in any form. I still stick with watching classic stuff on Youtube since I don’t have a VCR anymore and cant watch my old stuff but in regards to new stuff WWE or TNA is showing, I just head to Angry Marks and read the highlights. So one Saturday after The Justice League went off I didn’t change the channel and Slam came on and I decided to see what was going on. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it but that’s how I’ve felt with WWE for years now. The weird things is that I enjoyed it more than any WWE I’d watched in years.

This mornings episode started off with an awesome recap of the history of Kane and Daniel Bryan aka Team Hell No. In less than a minute they covered their bickering before and after winning the tag team titles. Then there was a quick interview between them and Natalya who I didn’t know did interviews and realized she is way hotter than I gave her credit for being.

The match between Kane and Jinder Mihal with the outside interference of 3MB was okay. Kane won with a flying clothesline because its Saturday morning and kids don’t need to be imitating choke slams. After the commercial break there was a PSA by Daniel Bryan that showed him bruising his ribs in that match with Chris Jericho and telling kids not to try this at home, school, or anywhere. Poor kids.

The next match was Daniel Bryan versus Heath Slater. Bryan won with the No Lock and afterwards Damien Sandow did a backstage interview where he told viewers that he’d be teaching them next week until Randy Orton walked in. They’re gonna be facing each other next week and I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching.  

This isn’t a recap of the show. I just want people to know that if you want to see WWE matches without sitting through two and a half hours of talking then there is something that does exist. It kinda reminds me of being able to watch Superstars in the morning when I was a kid where it was just about having fun and none of the backstage stuff that we know way too much about.

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