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50 Greatest Finishing Moves In WWE History Equals Comedy

Last week I was hanging out with my friend and saw on Netflix they had The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves In WWE History. I knew that I was gonna have some issues with the list as soon as it started and JBL’s Clothesline From Hell was number 50. I mean, come on! Have you seen that move? Its turned people inside out. By having that move at the bottom of the list they had set the bar high.

Ravishing Rick Rude’s Rude Awakening was 45 which was alright. I liked that move but I didn’t get outraged that it was so low. The Diamond Cutter at 41 pissed me right the hell off! That move was so damned cool! I watched tributes to DDP every week and marvel at all the different ways he could pop that move out. Okay. I let myself cool off until I saw Sting’s Scorpion Lock all the way at 36. Lita’s awkward ass Moonsault placed higher! The way she did it looked like an accident. I’m surprised she didn’t go up when she did it. This list was turning into complete ass.

Brock Lesnar’s F-5 was placed at 29 when if this were my list I’d place it in the top ten. That move is devastating! The Batista Bomb was at 27 which made me laugh since Awesome Kong/Kharma’s version was way better looking. Batista always looked like he had a fear of landing on his ass when he did it. Rey Mysterio’s 619 was 18 and by this point I knew that there was no turning back. This list is a mess. The fact that the Leg Drop from Hulk Hogan hadn’t shown up made me nervous. There is no way in hell that move is better than the Five Star Frog Splash, right?

Bruno Sammartino’s Bearhug was 16. I’d checked out by this point. A bearhug? No. It beat The Perfect Plex. Macho Man’s Elbow Drop was 12 which should’ve been higher. The RKO was at 11 which made me even more upset about The Diamond Cutter being 41! How about a little consistency? Ric Flair’s Figure Four Leg Drop came in at 8 followed by the goddamn Leg Drop! I knew it! You did it! Damn you! Jake The Snake Robert’s DDT was at 5 which is cool. That was an awesome ass move and hurts like hell. I’m sure I can trace multiple behavioral problems I had in school to my brother DDT-ing me in the floor.

At 4 is the Rock Bottom/People’s Elbow which is a total cop out and BS. Yes, the move is funny but its not one of the greatest in WWE history. It’s a damned sambo suplex and elbow drop. Ezekiel Jackson’s looks better. Surprised Santino’s Cobra wasn’t in the top five. The final three were the Pedigree by HHH, Undertaker’s Tombstone, and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Stunner. I have no issue with the Stunner or Tombstone. But the Pedigree? The only time that move looked like it could kill was when he did it to Champagne or when Andre The Giant did it. Yes. Andre did that move decades ago. Click here to see it.

Where was Billy Kidman’s Shooting Star Press/Seven Year Itch? How about one of Perry Saturn’s thirty finishers? Benoit’s Crippler Crossface? Hell, while I’m making a list let’s toss in Super Dragon’s Barry White Driver, anything in CHIKARA, or Victoria’s Widow’s Peak? There are so many awesome finishers that have happened in WWE, I don’t know why they had to add so many corny ass ones. The Leg Drop. Honestly.

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