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WWE Newest Horror

The last few months have been a total geek fest for me in terms of seeing wrestlers I like and have liked for years being brought to FCW/NXT and then WWE. The latest is Sami Callihan. This crazy looking son of a bitch is someone I got into watching his stuff online. To call his style unorthodox would be a huge understatement. There's no real way to describe how he wrestles.

If you think he is just hardcore watch his match against Austin Aries where he, gasp!, wrestles. You think he is too small watch him powerbomb men a foot taller than him. Why am I sitting here defending a guy that has already been hired by WWE?! Just find his matches and watch them. He's not dull. He is way unpredictable. He has a style no one else has right now. And he does shit I would never even think to do in the ring. No, not when he piledrove a woman through a table at ringside. I think of that every week for some reason. Hey, I take public transportation! Old ladies be trippin'!

A while back I wrote an article explaining why I liked Brodus Clay. Ugh. Looking back now I wish he hadn't become what he is now. But something I liked about him while watching his match was the fact that when he got chopblocked he screamed. It wasn't the usual thing where a wrestler just collapses and holds their leg. He screamed. When Callihan gets hurt it looks like the ref should be stopping the match. I'm never quite sure when it is "real" or not. The guys that seem to be able to do that well are the ones that are considered indie like CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, El Generico, and Daniel Bryan. Its less look like a muscle bound monster and more put on good matches.

The past few weeks the only thing from Raw that I've looked for now are Daniel Bryan matches. His match with Ryback shocked me. It was the best match Ryback has had since he's been there and he took leg kicks for the most part. If you took every member of The Radicals and added a bit of evil William Regal you would come out with someone like Callihan. I know that's saying a lot but I have faith in this dude. Plus I'm this close to giving up on watching wrestling.

I'm gonna post a link with a list of some of the movies he does from a Youtuber named ManiBahamutVZ because his finisher is a Stretch Muffler. You know that move, right? Single leg elevated Boston Crab. Well, if you don't tap out he drops and grapevines your body. Still feeling heroic? He starts kicking you in the damned head! Who thinks to do that to another human being?! Apparently this lunatic.

I look forward to seeing what happens with this dude once he is on the main roster. I usually try and imagine a new guy with the current roster but from the way things are going lately everyone will be out with a concussion.

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