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Tha O Show: Episode 314

Tha O Show is back with the 312th installment and it is a banger!!

In Part 1:
  • The fellas discuss, the setup for SummerSlam
  • The MANY twists and turns in the WWE this week
  • The decision to put a title on Curtis Axel
  • Dolph Ziggler's short term future
  • The impending program between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar
  • Mark Henry and his million dollar promo
  • John Cena's legacy and following up on Henry's statement that he is the best WWE Champion ever.
We catch up with our in-studio guests - former pro wrestler turned MMA fighter, Ben Ortmanns and Ontario Indy Wrestler "Custom Made" Markus Ryan.
and an awesome debate about The Miz and the level of responsibility he needs to take for his on screen character.
In Part 2:
We chat with one of the best pound for pound in the world today - former WWE Tag Team Champion and current New Japan star - Harry Smith (formerly David Hart Smith - now known as Davey Boy Smith Jr)  
  • Where is he now?
  • What is he up to?
  • Getting let go by the WWE: Bad timing? Too much 2nd generation? Whose fault was it?
  • Comparisons to Curtis Axel
  • Shit talkin about old times and gimmicks
  • His possible MMA career and the training he has undertaken
  • His thoughts on Owen Hart and the British Bulldog being inducted to the WWE HOF.
Harry is very candid and open and reminds the boys of his late great father who we had interviewed many times!

Harry will be a part of TIGER FEST on July 1st in Brampton Ontario.  Tiger Fest is always an outstanding event that donates huge sums of money to charity.

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