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¡Olé, Olé Olé Ole!

Its been reported that El Generico has been signed by WWE. When I heard this at first I was happy. I've been watching this dude and putting him in my video games for close to ten years now. Then I got bummed out because all I could think of was him going to WWE, being used as a spank rag, then heading back to the indies. This is the same thing I think when any guy from ROH gets called to FCW/NXT and then WWE. I need to cut that out seeing as how I'm wrong most of the time.

Recently Tyler Black and Jon Moxley have appeared as two thirds of The Shield as Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Claudio Castagnoli is now United States Champion Antonio Cesaro. Then there's American Dragon Bryan Danielson aka Daniel Bryan who is one half of the tag team champions. And of course there's CM Punk who to me was the poster child for independent wrestling. As good as he was I didn't even pretend to predict he would be as huge as he is right now. People will say “Oh, he's been talented for years! Of course he was gonna succeed!” He was also considered tiny by WWE standards at the time.

If being in WWE was based on just talent that roster would be flooded with PWG, ROH men and women. Kevin Steen, El Generico's on again off again tag team partner, would be Intercontinental Champion. Who is the IC champ anyway? (checks internet) Wade Barrett?! Wrestler's come in all different shapes and sizes, and being two inches and twenty pounds lighter than me, Generico is considered small.

The thing about him though is that he doesn't wrestle small if you know what I mean. His matches with Steen and Super Dragon were very physical. His stuff with Delirious, while funny, was super technical at times. This guy is very well rounded and I fear him getting lost in the shuffle.

Every small company's loss is WWE gain with the hiring of Generico. Even the most jaded of fan will tune in to see him when he shows up. I hadn't watched WWE in forever but I'll check out Daniel Bryan's stuff. I'm dying for Kassius Ohno aka Chris Hero to show up. Jesus, what a terrible name he got saddled with.

I hope there's someone out there reading this that has no idea who some of the people I'm naming are because they are lucky. They have hours worth of matches from these guys that will be new to them. When they leave their companies they always tell fans to continue supporting them and that's good. I remember when ROH started losing guys left and right to WWE and TNA. Other stepped up and eventually they were called up.

I hope one day I see names like Davey Richards, Adam Cole, and Michael Elgin on WWE television. Not TNA. Good lord, not TNA. I have a whole list of issues with that company and how those shows are produced. That place is like a video game gone wrong. How can you have WCW, WWF, ECW, WWE, TNA, ROH, Japan, and AAA all on one roster and manage to be unwatchable?! How?!

I'll stop.

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