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Tha O Show: Episode 315

Tha O Show is back with another JAMMED episode that you are gonna love!  Big Daddy Donnie and Notorious T.I.D. are at the helm with Voodoo Drew and the German Virgin Intern (GVI for short) sucking up oxygen as well!
In PART 1:

We dedicate this week's episode to the life of Jackie Fargo and James Gandolfini.
  • We look at the shift in the Monday Night's Raw's script paradigm this week.
  • We debate who's better - Daniel Bryan or Chris Benoit?
  • We discuss the hot story that The Briscoes have left ROH and are headin to WWE
  • The Shield and how their booking has changed to allow for the debut of the Wyatt family
  • ROH's massive change to their business model
  • The booking of the Suicide character in TNA and the BFG series and its relative merits 
and more!

In PART 2:

We interview former WWE King Of The Ring, and member of The Undertaker's Ministry - Nelson Frazier Jr aka King Mabel aka Viscera aka Big Daddy V.

"I think I should've been WWE champion at least twice" - Nelson Frazier Jr.

  • Where and how he preferred to work
  • His relationship with Charlie Haas & Matt Striker and his take on recent happenings with each
  • His opinion of the current state of the business and social media and the trend of young guys
    (WWWYKI) bitching about their spot, or lack there of.
  • His free time and hobbies
  • Advice for young wrestlers
  • His message to Vince McMahon
PLUS some talk on the Ric Flair situation from House of Hardcore II and a whole lot more!!
Viscera will be a part of TIGER FEST on July 1st in Brampton Ontario.  Tiger Fest is always an outstanding event that donates huge sums of money to charity.

For more information, please visit for more information!

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