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Ontario Ladies Who Have “It”

Following in the footsteps of Cody Deaner’s article “She’s Got IT”, which focused on three hot and talented ladies in TNA who stand out, I thought I would concentrate my efforts in this article on four female Ontario Indy workers. These four girls are not only my friends, but possess the look, skill, talent and attitude to go far in the grappling game. I am in no way an authority on talent, and I am still a student of the game myself, therefore I am basing my choices solely on my opinion and experiences over the past three years, and feel these women deserve praise and recognition for their efforts.

Misty Haven

Otherwise known to the O’ster community as “shit bowl,” Misty is in my opinion, the best female worker in Canada right now. She is the kind of wrestler who can pull a good match out of everyone she works, no matter their skill level. Hell, she could even work a broomstick to a good match; that’s just how talented she is.

She is the only girl who can wrestle like a guy, but still be sexy and feminine, and I mean that as a huge compliment. She doesn’t have to resort to ass-spots, ref roll-overs and horsey-rides to impress the fans; she simply kicks ass. Her moves look legitimate.

Misty was injured about a year ago and suffered a torn meniscus. Despite this set-back, she is still wrestling, and working around her injury while awaiting surgery. Even with a torn meniscus, she is still better on one leg than most girls are on two.

Cherry Bomb

Cherry started training three months after I did at Squared Circle Training in 2004. It took a while for our friendship to form. Believe it or not, Cherry was actually scared of me when she first started training, but after we got to know each other, she quickly learned that I wasn’t a flesh-hungry Amazon!

Everywhere Cherry wrestles, she is over, regardless of whether or not she is face or heel. Fans just love her. She has a great ability to connect with people, and always stands out. I have had many solid matches with this girl. This is partially due to the fact that we trained together, but mainly due to the fact that we both love to watch and study wrestling clips, and continuously strive to improve. We have worked each other more times than I can count, but I will never get tired of working with her. Our possibilities to create wrestling magic are endless.

This girl also has balls…or ovaries. She has determination and ferocity in the ring, and is quite the firecracker when required. When Cherry was injured this past September, I rushed to the ring to help her. She took a burning hammer that didn’t quite go right and ended up receiving a stinger that has kept her out of action to this date. The first words out of Cherry’s mouth were: “Did it look okay?” (referring to the burning hammer), despite the fact that she could have been lying there with a broken neck.

Jennifer Blake

Jen has only been working a short while, but what impresses me the most is her desire, determination, and commitment to constantly learn and improve. Every time I wrestle Jen, she comes to the table ready to give’r 110% no matter what. That, combined with the fact that she is nuts (in a good way of course!). Suicide dives and crazy dropkicks to the floor are only a small part of her repertoire of insanity. Jen is one of the only girls I can totally tear it up with. She is not afraid to work strong style, and will pretty much take any move regardless of its insanity factor. She’s got guts!

Jen also has an amazing look. In addition to being a personal trainer, and her in-ring training, she works out like a madwoman. I’ve been able to pull off some moves with her due to the shape that she’s in. I trust in her strength.

Haley Rogers

Haley had her debut match against me at Blood, Sweat and Ears about a year and a half ago. When the match was over I was shocked at how smooth she was, and knew right then that she’d be a top contender on the independent circuit.

Trained at the Can Am Wrestling School in Windsor, Haley possesses strong fundamentals, and is one of the only girls who I can get creative with while chain wrestling. Her mat skills are solid and diverse. She moves with ease and confidence. She is also another girl who I can tear it up with. I hit her hard, she smiles at me and then hits me harder. I love you, Haley!

In addition, she has one of the most vibrant, outgoing and positive personalities of anyone I have ever met. She constantly makes me laugh, and is a delight in any locker room.

She is a true student of the game; watching matches and absorbing as much as she can.

If you haven’t had a chance to see these girls wrestle, I highly recommend you get out there and do so.

For booking inquiries, or to contact these wonderful gals, please click the links below.

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Anonymous said...

all are good but lufisto is my favorite one

Anonymous said...

Danyah said ONTARIO ladies. Lufisto is in Quebec.

Gordo said...

Very fair and accurate assessment of these ladies Danyah. You did leave one woman off the list who definitely has the "IT-Factor"... YOU!

Dean/Damian said...
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Dean/Damian said...

Blogger Dean/Damian said...

As the booker & owner of RWE here in Ottawa I must say that3 of these women have & will work here again 7 again. Haley Rodgers impressed me totaly in her first match at BSE a year & a half ago. I asked her then for her info, imgaine on her first match. Danyha, you are very astute in your descriptions of these lady's of wrestling. I am looking forward to seeing Jennifer Blake work. Have her send me some pics & vids. Who knows girls, is a tag match in order to showcase all of you at once. Got me interested for sure. I'll be in touch.

2:35 PM

BigDaddy said...

All the ladies mentioned certainly have something very special to offer.

Keep an eye out for the newcomer PJ Tyler. From what i've heard, this rookie has tons of "IT".