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LLW's Reloaded A Blast!

Wow! What a show! Living Legends Wrestling promised wrestling fans a bigger and better show than ever before, and they certainly delivered.

This past Saturday, March 22nd at the NEW LLW Arena in Hamilton, Ontario (34 Lincoln St.) Reloaded marked the first show of the new year and truly started it off with a bang!

Action of all kinds! Hard-hitting and high flying matches! Title changes! Guest appearances! And a MAJOR announcement to cap the show. If you missed it, DON'T MISS it on DVD, as it will be available soon. You can buy other LLW shows in Tha O Show's Online Store.

Here are the results, courtesy of Ontario Indy Wrestling:

1) In the opener, "Your Saviour" Sebastian Suave (w/ Jules) defeated "Bam Bam" Bruno Davis by submission.

2) LLW Light Heavyweight Championship: Crazzy Steve defeated Josh Taylor to win the title!

Jake O'Reilly came to the ring and said he'd re-injured his knee on Thursday (at GCW) and would not be wrestling "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde for the LLW Heavyweight title as advertised. Textbook Tyson Dux came to the ring and kicked O'Reilly in the knee. Derek Wylde made the save.

3) Tyson Dux defeated Xtremo in an amazing bout.

A number of wrestling legends including Billy Red Lyons were at the show and were introduced to fans as Ricky Stardust welcomed fans to the new building by tossing out some free swag.

4) Handicap Match - 4 Against 1:
The Steel City Saints (Adam Armor & Adam Cage) plus 2 other guys defeated Samoa Moe. The four guys grabbed Moe after the match and tore his mask off to reveal Samoa Moe as the supposedly- retired Shawn Morgan!

5) Cody Deaner defeated Hornet in a very entertaining match.

6) #1 Contender For Steel City Title: Josh Alexander defeated "Canadian Crazyhorse" Michael Elgin.

Intermission: WWE Superstar Santino Marella was there signing autographs and posing for pics with fans. Advertised star Jennifer Blake was also there meeting fans.

7) Tyson Dux VS. Jennifer Blake:

Match began when Blake cut a promo about it being the best crowd she'd ever seen & she wanted to say that even though she wasn't scheduled to wrestle. Tyson Dux came to the ring and said he knew Blake and Derek Wylde were "an item" and since "Mr. Wylde" wouldn't give him a title shot, he might as well beat up "Mrs. Wylde". About two minutes into the match, Dux destroyed Blake with a Brainbuster and was about to give her another when Derek Wylde ran out to make the save. Wylde told Dux he could have his title shot.

8) Steel City Championship:
Dan-e-o rapped his way to the ring dissing all of the fans in attendance. He then announced his latest acquisition to "Tha New Era": GT Dynamite George Turzis. GT defeated "Big Ticket" Reggie Marley to retain the title.

9) #1 Contender For LLW Heavyweight Championship: Pepper Parks defeated Ruffy Silverstein.

10) LLW Tag Team Championship:
Notorious T.I.D. & Rico Montana (with their new manager Otto Bahn, who was hired to keep Dan-e-o from interfering) defeated The Flatliners (Asylum & Matt Burns) (w/ Dan-e-o) by DQ - Flats retain their titles. Next month's rematch is a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match!

11) LLW Heavyweight Championship: Textbook Tyson Dux defeated "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde to become the new LLW Heavyweight Champion!

Dangerboy then got on the announce his retirement!! More info on that coming soon.

4 comments: on "LLW's Reloaded A Blast!"

Anonymous said...

kendo stick on a pole? lol

Bill the Mark said...

I was at the show and what a exciting night of wrestling! A special thanks to Donnie for stopping what he was doing to say hi and pose for a pic with an O-ster. Deaner, my sister is now coming to the next show just to see you. Best match of the night had to be Elgin vs. Alexander. It was a 'strong-style' match of brutal proportions. These two guys put each other through hell for a shot at the Steel City Championship. Watching Tyson Dux wrestle, you can see what he talks about in his segment on the show. He knows how to take his time and doesn't need to do 50,000 high spots to make the match interesting. I can't help but cheer for the guy, he doesn't let your attention stray for a second. I can't wait for the next show. If anyone didn't get the chance to go, GO TO THE APRIL 19th SHOW! These guys know how to put on a great show!

Emanuel said...

Thanks for the results credit but credit should be given to Gordo and

Show was great, too bad I was so sick and the cold didn't help but I wasn't going to miss this show.

Dux and Wylde I can (and have) watched 100 time and would gladly watch another 100 times. Elgin and Alexander was probably my MOTN with the main. New building has a ton of potential.

Hats off to all at LLW for putting together a great show.

little rick said...

I really loved this show! I drove from Syracuse with my roomate to see it and holy shit it was awesome!

I got to meet Big Daddy and Dan-e-o. I was disappointed that Fatty wasnt wearing a dress though.

Also got my picture taken with Santino Marella!! That was a nice surprise!

I loved the Danger Boy VS. Tyson match!!! 5 star!! My first time seeing them both wrestle!!

Cody Deaner and Hornet was hilarious!

I popped when Crazy Steve won the belt from the guy with the dark hair whos name I forget.

Elgin and Alexander was FIERCE!!

Pepper and Ruffy was amazing.

The tag match was awesome! Im a huge fan of Flatliners and Tid and Rico from the stuff on Tha O Show, and seein them all kill each other (and Dan-e-o) was awesome man!!

We'll be at the next show!