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Happy Flair Day!

Yes O-Sters, Today is the day to strut up to that jerk at your office and give him a Wooooo right in his face. Today is the day for limosine riding, jet flyin and kiss stealin. Don't shake hands on March 24th - exchange knife edge chops.

Well, at least if you're in Columbia, South Carolina where mayor Bob Coble has declared today ‘Ric Flair Day’.

The mayor justified the presentation of the key to the city and the naming of his own day by stating that tonight's episode of "Raw", being held in Columbia may be the lasy of Flair's storied career.

You've got to be pretty special to share a day with Jesus. I bet Flair could ressurect too. Happy Easter!

3 comments: on "Happy Flair Day!"

D.J.B. said...


Around here he's still on that level.

Anonymous said...

your wrong donnie flair is god woooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Dante Ross said...

God got the idea for light from Flair's golden mane. I wish I had known this beforehand. I wouldve been chopping folks at work. Damn it. I would have been a mail sortin', chick cavortin', MTA ridin', boner hidin', chicken eatin', titty sqeezin' son of a gun! Woooooooooooo!!!