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The Spider Slayer

Last night I got the very rare opportunity to watch a UFC pay-per-view live. While hanging out with some friends enjoying pizza and hooch, we checked out the UFC 168 pre-show. While looking at the ring I kept asking “Where the hell did all that blood come from?” because so far no one had bled that much. I found out later it was from the William Patolino/Bobby Voelker fight and was shocked that the ref or doctor didn't stop the fight. Voelker was just pouring blood from his nose to the point he changed the color of Patolino's hair. It was very Ric Flair like.

Overall the show was entertaining. I got to see Chris “The Crippler” Leben fight Uriah Hall and was surprised that Leben was still even fighting. At least he finally got his tattoos filled in. At the end of the first round he got his ass rocked, wasn't sure if he had gotten knocked out, and threw in the towel. Can't blame him. I've seen that damned roundhouse kick that Hall has and the last thing I'd want is to end up on a KO of the year list trying to get up off the ground using my shoulders. The other fights were cool but I was waiting for two specific ladies. Ronda Rousey versus Miesha Tate.

I've been a fan Rousey since I first saw a picture of her but wasn't sure what she did. I started following her career and watching her damn near break arms in every match with an armbar. So Tate comes out and she is all smiling and chipper on her way to the octagon. From the clips that were played and from what I've seen from their Ultimate Fighter coaching I know I am supposed to hate Rousey. But I can't. She's hot. I'm stupid. Its a bad combination. Rousey stormed the ring like she didn't have a friend in the world. The crowd booed the shit out of her. I cheered. I wanted Tate to get destroyed.

These two went at it. Me being me assumed that the match would be over in the first round with Tate on the ground holding her arm so imagine my surprise when Rousey wasn't able to finish her off. Same with the second. At this point I was starting to get worried. Would Rousey lose to these cupcake wearing dame?! Of course not. She tapped her out in the third round and I cheered. The crowd kept booing her but once she posts a picture wearing close to nothing they'll shut their mouths. This woman is damn near perfect. Up next is the main event.

Chris Weidman beat Anderson Silva a few months back and when I read that I was pissed. All my life there have been fighters that I just never wanted to lose. Ever. Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao, Cong Le, and Silva. I had seen a few of Weidman's matches and while I know he is a great fighter, he's no Silva. So when Silva got rocked by that punch while doing what he always does, I was pissed. So getting to see this live rematch, which was unplanned last night, was awesome. Me and my three friends all picked Silva to win. I think. I was drinking. Leave me alone.

The fight starts and during the first round Silva is on his back trying not to get knocked out and managing to bust Weidman open. The second round starts and Silva throws a kick and then drops. I shouted “Oh, no!” because I saw what happened. The replays that they mercifully stopped playing showed Silva's leg snap on impact with Weidman's leg and wrap around it. I had seen this in an old MMA match where the guy didn't realize what happened and got mad at the ref for stopping the fight. I'd seen something like this in boxing where a guy broke his leg on the way down after being knocked out and woke up as his leg spun back around.

We couldn't believe what we just saw. People are wondering if he'll ever fight again. I was more concerned with if his ass would walk properly ever again. Seeing a fighter that you like lose is bad. Seeing a fighter that you like have his leg snap in two on live television fucks you up. I hope Silva can make a full recovery and possibly return. Until then we have Weidman to cheer for. I guess.

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