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Make Me My Own Boss

About five years ago I started writing for Tha O Show. It was awesome to watch the show grow from being in the basement (literally) to a awesome ass studio and having wrestlers on I never dreamed they would. Over this time I have written about what I loved about wrestling and tried not to be one of “those guys” that just sit and complain about it as if they have the magical answer to solve a problem. Instead I've continued to work, try to contribute to the show, and do my own thing.

For a while now I have been writing my own stories. Fiction. They range from comedy, suspense, horror, to drama. Whatever they are I try to be original with it and hopefully by the time you're done you like it enough to talk to me about it. Recently with the help of my friend Kiyoshi (whose book “The Death of Death” you can purchase here) I've finally started the process of publishing my own stories.

This is something that people have said I should do over the years but never made any real attempts at. Now I am hoping that with the help of friends, fans, and O-Sters that I can live the dream of self employment. Please keep me away from reality television (what I've been doing the past three years)!

These cost $1.25 and can be used on Kindles and all that other magical technical stuff you kids use. You can even order one in paperback for people like me that are afraid of The Singularity! Thanks for even checking these out (you can always read free samples). Please share this and take care.

Click for “Lady Bug” Smashwords and Amazon and paperback.

Click for “The Enabler” on Smashwords and Amazon.

Click for “Morbid Curiosity” on Smashwords and Amazon.

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