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Tha O Show: Episode 323

Are you ready for this week's episode? You might not be!!

Voodoo Drew is still on leave and T.I.D. is on vacay, so Big Daddy Donnie called in an old friend - Canadian Hardcore Legend, Bloody Bill Skullion to co-host!

In Part 1:

Skullion shares roadstories and his thoughts on a bunch of pop culture icons .. from Mila Kunis, to Justin Bieber to Steve Nash.

  • The guys discuss the McMahon/Helmsley/Orton vs Daniel Bryan storyline
  • WWE total divas
  • Titus O'Neil 
  • RVD
  • and the AJ Styles situation

In Part 2:

The guys are joined by a former WWE Superstar, and a man that was a World Champion in ECW and TNA ... "The Man Beast" ... Rhino!
  • Rhino shares his own personal road stories about this week's co-host, Bill Skullion and how Bill uttered the most intimidating sentence  he has every heard.
  • He also touches on his upcoming opponent Sylvan Grenier at a CWI show tomorrow night.
  • Talk on his experience with ROH, including the title picture and the work style.
  • Rhino offers his two cents on the AJ Styles situation
  • some MMA talk
  • and MORE!
PLUS a preview of Night Of Champions, Why Edge's return to Raw might be a bad thing... and MORE!

Rhino will be in Ontario for CWI on September 6th at the Delhi Harvest Festival in action against Scott Steiner!  Go to for tickets. 

All that PLUS MORE!

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