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Tha O Show: Episode 324

Episode 324 is here and The Brothers Of O are here to tear shit up like only they can!  Warning Tid is especially awesome this week... so do not listen in the presence of weak minded pussies!

In Part 1:

  • Edge's appearance on Monday? Was it done properly? 
  • A member of the fam-O-ly's appearance on Raw.  We discuss the good "Doctor" - Asylum and his contributions.
  • Jim Ross retiring. Did he jump or was he pushed ?
  • Booker T's and Adrian Broner's comments on MMA. Misguided or pissy pants?
  • Total divas and the ratings game.
  • TUF 18 and women in MMA? Technically sound or just glorified tits n ass?
  • The launch of the new Battle Arts academy in Mississauga

In Part 2:

Big Daddy Donnie sat down for an exclusive 1 on 1 interview with former Intercontinental, United States AND Tag Team Champion in WWE - Santino Marella!

  • We discuss Santino's background as a mixed martial arts / shoot tough guy
  • His career path / character development
  • His plans for his brand new Wrestling / MMA training centre
  • and SO much more!

PLUS we just HAD to squeeze in a little Dexter talk, and we play a game called "Dead / Not Dead" where we try to determine who among the principle character will stop being alive when the show goes off the air on Sept 22nd.

All that PLUS MORE!

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