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Tha O Show: Episode 322

It's time!
It's time!

It's O Show time!!

What a jam packed show we have this week!  HOLY CRAP!
Join Big Daddy Donnie & Notorious T.I.D. for two hours of fun as they terrorize your ears!  Plenty of memorable moments this week that we will be harkening back to for years to come!

In Part 1:The fellas discuss:
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars
  • The elevation of new babyfaces on Monday Night Raw
  • The hidden genius behind the Daniel Bryan angle
  • The absence of Brock Lesnar and backwards booking with CM Punk
  • AJ Lee's big promo
  • A ton of roster moves with the big three companies
  • Hulk Hogan controversy
  • and Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach --- urboy
In Part 2:


The guys are joined by former WCW World Champion, former WWE star and former Superbowl champion - Big Van Vader!

Vader touches on:

  • his relationship with Scott Steiner
  • his run in WCW
  • Harley Race as a mentor
  • Japanese vs US style
  • his thoughts on his Heel-run vs his Face-run
  • his return to the WWE
  • one last run ? Is it possible/ probable ?
  • his son - NXT star Jake Carter

Vader will be in Ontario for CWI on September 6th at the Delhi Harvest Festival in action against Scott Steiner!  Go to for tickets. 

All that PLUS MORE!

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