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Tha O Show: Episode 282

Well folks, disaster struck at RedFish studio when some experimental new equipment failed and an entire episode was lost forever! This week we bring you our second attempt at episode 282

Thankfully, our partners at RedFish Entertainment were kind enough to go out and purchase all new recording gear for us this week, and it is rock solid and awesome! Thanks RedFish!

Voodoo Drew is STILL recovering from the Voodoo Flu and prepping for his concert next week with Chris Jericho's band Fozzy, and Crystal Beth is on assignment - completing her report of Greg Oliver's newest wrestling book "Heroes and Icons" (which, by the way ... is outstanding).

On this week's episode:

  • A little bit of NBA talk
  • Various news and opinions from TNA and WWE

And, we are joined in studio by adult film star - Velvet Skye ... no, not THAT Velvet Sky ... the ORIGINAL Velvet Skye!

We chat with Canada's Hottest Milf, live, in studio and then play a game of Stump The Sports Retard ... strip club style! Follow her on Twitter @VelvetSkye ... This entire segment was filmed by Ron Ron our video guru!

By the way, a back log of OTV segments are in the can and will
be released asap!!!

We were scheduled to be joined by Steve Corino (again) by the King of Old School in his old age has become the King of Naps! He slept right through our call! Ha! Steve was apologetic and will join us soon!

As payback, he is going to book Big Daddy Donnie as a guest on his XOC Podcast, and BDD won't show up there either.
Check it out folks!!

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16 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 282"

Anonymous said...

Thank god. no show last week had me freaking out!

Anonymous said...

Velvet Skye could be Velvet Sky's mom. I'd bang em both.

Anonymous said...

Porn chicks on the show is always a win.

Welcome back guys!

Anonymous said...

I love love love love this show but goddammmit i need Drew and Crystal back ASAP

Anonymous said...

Crystal Beth would have a field day with that porn chick

poliano said...

Awesome discussion this week... Especially as it relates to the Chavo deal and the WWE's search for a new top guy.

Loved it!

Next week: More UFC and more Dexter talk, PLEEEEASE?

jim j in philly said...

That chick didn't know the nickname of the Football team from Philly?


Anonymous said...

No offence, but this episode didn't need Corino. Jam packed and a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

She's 46????

sanjay said...



Anonymous said...

I LOVE Velvet, Beautiful Lips X

jake said...

More and more I am impressed by how BDD reads the tea leaves in the WWE. I don't know if he is getting fed insider info, or if he is just very good at predicting their next move.

I would not have guessed a month ago that Ryback was going to be elevated this quickly!

The porn star seemed fun. Can I get a BJ??

Big Daddy Donnie said...

Don't forget to check out our new group on Facebook ...

Anonymous said...

Watching the video of Dave Bautista's MMA fight made me wonder: if the ref is going to stop a fight for unanswered strikes, would a MMA guy (who was in the same dominate position that Dave was in) be tempted to throw worked strikes at his opponent since he doesn't have to hurt his opponent to win at that point?

And, if he did and talked about it, would Dana White fire him?

Anonymous said...

Dan needs to rap oer the Gangnam style beat a fucking sap.

Anonymous said...

Were is voodoo drew???
I want him to ask women to pee on him.
How about Marela?
Or perhaps Maye Young