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Tha O Show: Episode 281

Well folks, its the third week in September, which means, this is Big Daddy Donnie's birthday blowout!

On this week's episode We drink lots and lots of beer and talk about:

Toronto Blue Jay Yunel Escobar and "EyeBlackGate". Was his punishment appropriate?

Jerry Jones wants a rule deleted from the NFL's rule book. Which one is it, and how do the boys feel about it?

Even though he is heading to UFC in Toronto this weekend, BDD seems disappointed that the card is lackluster. His personal bias aside, why is this potentially one of the biggest business mistakes they have made this year?

Notorious T.I.D. doesn't seem to share Donnie's views on this Saturday's show, so he will weigh in on it as well.

Lots of talk regarding Night of Champions and who stole the show in the ring, and outside of it.

We talk all about Sunny Sytch being arrested 3 TIMES last week! FOOF!

Randy Orton has lost his smile. Or frown. Or something. After we stop making fun of him, we'll discuss...


Our young intern pissed us off last week with less than awesome prep work. So this week he's being punished. He reveled to us an intense hatred for sushi, spicy foods and anything out of the sea. So of course, Notorious T.I.D. brought in some crab sushi covered in ridiculous amounts of wasabi and makes the kid choke it down!

This entire segment was filmed and will be released next week!

We were scheduled to be joined by our pal, Steve Corino - but at the last second something came up, so pinch hitting is one of our favs ... Pro Wrestling Illustrated's own - Dan Murphy.

Dan discusses (defends) the 2012 PWI 500 and explains how the hell T.I.D. made the list!! Great conversation!

Check it out folks!!

Check it out y'all!!!
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9 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 281"

slater hater said...

Dan Murphy is a great guest, but HOW THE HELL do they justify putting a CHICK in the PWI 500????

Anonymous said...

Great show and HBD BDD and HTK!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Donnie! Have a great one!

Loving this week's episode so far!

Anonymous said...

Terri was a bitch, and she prob received some hate mail and now wants to back peddle. too bad its filed away.

mkf said...

Stiffed by Corino?
Its just like old times!


Anonymous said...

GREAT episode. Just Donnie and Tid shooting the shit. perfect.

Freddchen said...

I know I'm al little late to the party but I really don't get how Donnie could call UFC 152 a lackluster card and nobody called him on it.
It had 2 titlefights, a top-notch middleweight contender-matchup, the return of an old UFC Superstar and one of the most exciting featherweights in UFC and WEC history. And all that was on the main card alone. Take the undercard with a couple of very interesting scraps and you have a great card. I understand that BDD is a a Mainstreamfan when it comes to MMA (I can and will always point to his opinion that Edgar vs. Maynard II sucked. It was the Fight of the Year in 2011... ) but shouldn't it be TIDs job to counterargue his points ?

jake said...

More and more I am impressed by how BDD reads the tea leaves in the WWE. I don't know if he is getting fed insider info, or if he is just very good at predicting their next move.

I would not have guessed a month ago that Ryback was going to be elevated this quickly!

The porn star seemed fun. Can I get a BJ??

Big Daddy Donnie said...


You're entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

I don't know what "mainstream fan" means... If you're saying I'm a "casual fan", then you're incorrect.

I've seen every UFC PPV that ever aired, have attended live, have met with, rolled with and talked with fighters and trainers - and think I have a pretty strong understanding of the industry.

I didn't enjoy Edgar VS Maynard II. I don't give a rat's ass if it was named Fight of The Year. Don't you think the UFC is going to hand Fight of The Year to a guy who ISN'T at the top of their star power list, in an effort to raise awareness and build a new star?

Don't get worked.

That fight was choppy to me. I didn't enjoy the flow.

UFC 152 featured 2 title bouts ... great. But short of a Belfort armbar, both fights went EXACTLY as predicted and failed to suspend the disbelief of the viewer.

If all it takes to impress you is a couple of title fights on a show, then who's the casual fan?

Jon Jones vs Hornswoggle ... in the main event ... and in the Co-Main event its going to be GSP vs a horse jockey.

Ridiculous to think that simply stacking belts on a card is enough to sell it.

I stand by my comments on UFC 152. Almost every fight ended in decision and ended as predicted before the show.

That makes for a terrible card.