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Tha O Show: Episode 280

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The crew is back, broadcasting from Red Fish Studios, and having a lot of fun!

Lots of talk about Jerry Lawler and the horrible incident that took place this week on Raw.

BDD discusses the crowd in Montreal and how they went from being one of the best in the WWE Universe, to absolutely brutal.

Listen in this week to learn what Tid's fav new tv show is!

BDD breaks down the glaring hole in the Sheamus / Del Rio program and in Dolph Ziggler's nickname!

Did marlyn Manson rip off golddust? Where else will you get that answer? Only here!

We are joined this week by John Philipavage, who is producing / directing the new unathorized ECW documentary. To donate and help them get this film completed go to and search ECW.

We are also joined by former WCW / WWE Diva, Terri Runnels, in what can only be described as an "interesting" interview.

Check it out y'all!!!
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19 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 280"

Anonymous said...


antithesisis said...

wow what an interview - crystal got shot down then even tho the interview was seeming a bit awkward, donnie was quite quick to be harsh to terri ohhh and tid with a classic chick flick question he would never have asked if he was into the interview haha ... (not putting drew over) - long live o show

Anonymous said...

Wow Terri.

On the bleeds????

I just lost so much respect for her.

Anonymous said...

Much respect to you guys for not letting some has-been walk all over you!

Who the hell does she think she is?

Anonymous said...

Hulk Hogan - the greatest of all time and Trish Stratus (greatest diva of all time) both heard on this weeks show with the commercial promos they did for you and both were amazing guests.

Terri acted like she was doing you a favor

I'm glad that was brief.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! HEAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Biggest mistake EVER Donnie!! Like bigger than firing Jewels Malone?

Anonymous said...


Oh sorry Terri Runnels. I'm making a Daniel Bryan reference, which along with Tha O Show is actually relevent in 2012 unlike your old ass.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned in disbelief that Tid asked Terri about CHICK FLICKS and not bleaching her butt.

This was SO BAD that it was awesome.

Why was she all offended about Crystal Beth's question?? its all fun MARLENA and you are only famous because you blew cigars and showed your tits on Shotgun.

Evitman said...

Wow, I can only guess the questions you were not to ask:
1) what was the kinkiest thing you have ever done with Goldust.
2) How did New Jack taste?
3) Can you autograph this naked picture I bought off from New Jack for me.

DRB said...

Ooof, that interview was so uncomfortable and poor Crystal got shot down hard. Props to Donnie for speaking up though. It would have been all to easy just to keep quiet and appease her apathy, but it'd already been a horrible interview on her part and it was showing no signs of improving. If she can't be bothered then why should anybody else? I always had suchh a crush on her as a teenager - but now the fantasy is completely blown. Remember - this reflects badly on her, not on your product.

On another note, the Goldust character debuted in the Autumn of '95. So its probably just a coincidence with Mazza.

mkf said...

Hey we just called you
and this is crazy
But Terri your batshit
So Ill kill you maybe

EC said...

Can you guys switch back to the old player? Anyone else having issues with the new one? Thanks.

yeti said...

This show was great untill the interview with terri bdd was right in saying she wasnt into the interview only thing i didnt like is that when terri got all cunty htk didnt do a run in and knock her down a peg or two lol im guessing her people gave a long long list of things you guys couldnt ask and the heat came from there oh well like jay z says on to the next one. If all else fails sick the prophet on her.

Robbie Nekoda said...

Heh, whoa, that interview. I definitely got the feeling she was "doing some internet marks with their net radio" a favour in her mind. I love the idea that she wants to know "exactly who you are", expecting a couple of skinny nerds. Heh!

Two "heh's" in this post. I sound like Scott Steiner.

edbot5000 said...

Well done BBD!

I have listened to all of Tha O Show interviews since Greg the Hammer Valentine from back in the beginning. I think you handled it like a pro. You guys are always on point with the interviews and 99% of the time the guests are great. It was getting SO uncomfortable and you had to end the awkwardness fast!

Keep up the good work guys!

Anonymous said...

What a total cow

Anonymous said...

I predict terri will offer an apology. I also predict nobody will care


Anonymous said...

WOW, I had to re heard this. I turned it off, at the first few minutes of the interview, and then it got really good. funny thing, I used to follow Terri on twitter, and stop doing it, because she is so fucking boring. Good for you Donnie for sticking it to her. She is a has been, past a has been.