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Tha O Show: Episode 283

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Back at the studio, and holy shit, RedFish Entertainment has spent some money this week!!

Our studio has been under going renovations for weeks, and it is really looking awesome!

In the house this week is Big Daddy Donnie, Notorious T.I.D. and back in chair 3, is Crystal Beth!

Voodoo Drew was on the road returning to Toronto from a gig, but highway traffic prevented him from getting on mic before we signed off! Try again next week Soppster!!

On this week's episode:
  • Talk on CM Punk decking a fan
  • Bound for Glory and the Aces and 8s reveal...
  • Sunny arressted ... again!
  • Talk on the Hogan sex tape

Plus Crystal Beth gives her mini review of Greg Oliver's new book Heroes and Icons!

Our featured guest is our pal, TNA ( and former WWE) referee, Brian Hebner!

We neglected to say it on air, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY HEBNER!!

Brian was concerned he sounded like a total pussy the first time he was a guest on our show, so this is his opportunity to make up for it -- and he DID!

Check it out folks!!

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2 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 283"

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Austin Aries could have done better by saying to the fan who touched Bully Rey: "Hey! Don't you dare touch him! When I kick his ass I don't him to have any lame excuses like a fan injured him."

kathy said...

Another great episode as per usual. Lovin' Crystal Beth and T.I.D's banter...but can't say I've missed Drew at all, just sayin