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Tha O Show: Episode 277

Welcome back! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baccccccck!
For the 277th time, Tha O Show brings you a unique brand of O-tertainment like only we can! Big Daddy Donnie & Notorious T.I.D. are in studio with the returning Crystal Beth while Voodoo Drew is still recovering from performaces at The Gathering, Heavy TO and his latest music video! Stay tuned! So Sick Social Club has big things coming!

On tap for this episode:

- BDD reviews the new Spiderman movie! O or No?

- Crystal Beth O's for a scandalous photo that leaked onto the net...

- We discuss John Salley letting the world know that Micheal Jordan is not the best basket ball player of all time

- TID goes off on Megadeth star Dave Mustaine and his Obama conspiracy theories

- BDD reveals he is FED UP with a certain UFC fighter...

- What is the reaction to the realease of Abraham Washington?

- Some Tout talk - Kurt Angle threatens CM Punk. Which side are we taking?


PLUS The return of our pal Sebastian Suave as he joins us live in studio to discuss his new journey as he has just joined the Zero 1 roster in Japan.
Seb also sticks around for a new game that ends in him takin some big overhead chops across his chest! OOOOOO!

AND in the main event, we are joined by former ECW and WWE star ... the namesake of the Blue World Order, it's DA BLUE GUY ... Brian Heffron, The Blue Meanie joins us!

This is a very candid, and blunt conversation where Meanie opens up on a variety of topics. Don't miss this one!!


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8 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 277"

Anonymous said...

From Lisa Lampanelli

Megadeth singer says Obama staged Aurora shooting. Immediately hired as new co-host of the ‘Rush Limbaugh’ show!

Anonymous said...

Donnie doesn't know shit about comic books

Anonymous said...

I feel gay for never knowing the origin of the Blue Meanie gimmick. The cartoon on that banner looks just like Brian! Now I see how Ravens brain works!

Visual learner!

Anonymous said...

Donnie cranked up the homo today

Anonymous said...

Summerslam predictions??

Anonymous said...

Meanie is an amazing guest.
Well done crew.

jenn said...

yay crystal beth is back!

jenn said...

yay crystal beth is back!