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Tha O Show: Episode 278

Forgive the blatant Old McDonald rip off, but this week, it's EY! EY! OOOOOO!

Yes, folks tha hosts of Tha O Show, Big Daddy Donnie & Notorious T.I.D. are proud to welcome back to the program, their old pal - current TNA star (and one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions) and the host of Animal Planet's Off The Hook: Extreme Catches, "Showtime" Eric Young!

 EY covers a whole mess of topics with the guys, including:

-How a comedy worker in TNA ended up with a fishing show!

-Is Eric looking to capitalize on the success of his new show and transition to a career outside of wrestling?

-What are his plans following retirement?

-Is Eric Young (the most under rated wrestler on television) satisfied with being a mid card comedy act, or does he really want to show the world what indy fans already know ... that he's fuckin awesome!

A little bit of hockey talk... And discussion over a sweet rib that Tid pulled on EY many years ago!

Followin him on Twitter, @ShowtimeEY and check out Off The Hook: Extreme Catches every Sunday at 8pm on Animal Planet!

As if all that wasn't enough.... Crystal Beth & Voodoo Drew are in tha house and help us burn through tha Os and Nos of tha week!

 Many topics are discussed in rapid fire style including:

-Thoughts on the cancellation of UFC 151

-Evaluating Chris Jericho's most recent run

-The fuss at Wizard World

-Melky Cabrerra: Website Designer

-The Latest member of the Flair family to attempt to fill Ric's shoes And tons more!

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1 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 278"

Steve H said...

Awesome episode guys and gal...

For the Record, Dexter rocks, The Big Bang Theory Rocks.. But Big Brother SUCKS!!

If I want to watch a bunch of social misfits try and survive living together in a single residence, then i'l go back to Uni lol.

It was great to have everyone back in the studio together, BDD, TID you are great together and i'd listen to you guys talk about paint drying.. but add Drew and Crystal into the mix and you have O family, sometimes dysfunctional but always funny.. love you peeps.

Eric Young was great, I think they could stick a mask on him, send him into the X Division as a "wrestler" and have him take the title, Whilst still have him doing Showtime and being his funny self.. Don't know if TNA could pull it off properly though.

Thank you peeps 3 and a half years i've been an O'ster and hope for many more..

Steve H