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Tha O Show: Episode 279

This is going to be an insane episode DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Big Daddy Donnie & Notorious T.I.D. are back alongside Voodoo Drew for a crazy 2 hour ride!
We are joined in studio this week by former OVW star, and one of the toughest dudes on the indy scene - Turcan Celik!
Turk LOVES to shoot and tell it like it is! Tons of awesome road stories and laughs with the big guy!
As if that's not enough, we are joined on the phone by 5 time TNA Knockout Champion, Ontario's own - Angelina Love! Follow her on Twitter @ActualLove
Go check it out y'all!!!

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11 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 279"

Anonymous said...

Hey Donnie, I just wanted to say that I do enjoy listening to your viewpoints on wrestling today. I agree that jericho would not be in the top 10, but I do believe that he has had programs that would cement his legacy in the top twenty or thirty such as his programs with Shawn Michaels and with the Rock. Also on a scale of 10 how much are you looking forward to the next season of dexter? In the preview it looks like marsuka is going to be killed but I hope not. Any way keep up the great work!

Jinxhead said...

Rip Mr Ducan. Deadpool is on folks.

Anonymous said...

great show!! I loved Turk! Man he doesn't care about heat at all!

Sucks that Angelina Love wasnt allowed to talk more about TNA. That's lame.

Screw you TNA

Anonymous said...

I love Mantracker. I saw the episode with Turk but they called him something else.

Anonymous said...

Angelina is HOT

Anonymous said...

i bet Crystal is mad she missed out on Miss Love

Anonymous said...

Is Angelina Love single?????????????

mkf said...

Great episode guys!!

Also, I saw BDD at the CNE on Friday and he was hangin out with Trish Stratus!

evil lynn said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...