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Tha O Show: Episode 275

O! O! O! O! And away we go!

You are about to embark on a 2 hour thrill ride, that won't cost you anything but your time - and internet bandwidth. In that time, we promise to entertain, educate, annoy and aggravate all of you! That is Tha O Pledge!

Big Daddy Donnie, Notorious T.I.D. & Voodoo Drew are in a NEW studio at RedFish Entertainment! A brand new space that will be dedicated to Tha O Show! If Sherman Helmsley were still with us, he'd slap Weezy on her ass and tell her we movin on up!!

Crystal Beth is away this week ... as she is looking to stay as far away as possible from Voodoo Drew - who will be on tha road for the next two weeks, performing at The Gathering and Heavy TO!

We have a new intern with us this week and his name might be familiar to some of you long time listeners. He's 18, he's gross and he hasn't yet had his cherry popped! Learn all about him in this week's Intern Interview!

Our guest on this week's show is a first timer on our program, but he's pure awesomeness. He is the host of, and a former ECW, WCW, TNA & WWE wrestler ... Big Stevie Cool, Stevie Richards!

Listen to Stevie as he shoots on bullshit wrestling charities, talks about how hard it is to find work, discusses the his fav times in the business and gives some sexual advice to our young intern. Follow him on twitter @MichaelManna and @SRXtraining.

Have you ever wanted to host your own podcast in a SWEET professional space with a staff that has the technical know-how to make it work? If so, RedFish may be the answer! Email for more information!!


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26 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 275"

Robert said...

I'm listening to the show.. the funny thing about that death grip show that cnn did is that a large part of that came through me. I think that I was the first contact and of course turned them onto Kanyon and he ran with it. That's why he was so heavily in it.. he wasn't even working out back then but wanted it to look legit so he went to the gym with the show. Anyway.. the funny thing though is that about a year later New Jack was bitching about being dropped from that show. They contacted him and suddenly didn't want to use him. This was back on myspace so I emailed New Jack and told him that I knew what happened and he responded with "fuck you, you don't know shit" I laughed because I knew exactly what happened. The contact girl from CNN called Chris and asked him about the people they were interviewing. She mentioned New Jack and Chris said "If you want to have any legitimacy to this and want to be taken seriously then you have to stay away from him" so.. he was dropped.

Anonymous said...

Great episode. I loved all the musical interludes

Anonymous said...

wow Dan-e-o was on the week of caribana and didnt even mention it!

Anonymous said...

Stevie is a great guest!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to have Dawn Marie and Blue Meanie on the show at the same time.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


we need more ufc talk

Anonymous said...

As a native of Buffalo, I agree ... you NEVER go Full Buffalo!

slater hater said...

Sandow looks like Brody????

Anonymous said...

"I came correct this morning"


Anonymous said...

What are you doin to Marilyn Manson?
Slippin the knot to him!


Anonymous said...

Yosemeti Sam doing LOD Hawk impression was as epic as a Rick Astley song.

Anonymous said...

I miss having Crystal Beth on. I feel like she reps the regular chicks (even though I'm straight) by being on the show.

Keep fighting the fight girl.

Anonymous said...

Michael Phelps.

He knows how to not drown.


faisal said...


kathy said...

Lauren Purdue is hot and personally I think she looks like Crystal Beth!

Anonymous said...

Jackson Andrews, the fiance of Rosa Mendes beat the hell out of her and she went to the cops.

Jackson Andrews? Why is she with an FCW reject?

A steroid freak who got fired for not showing up to training.

That's a new level of lazy.

Anonymous said...

Drew didnt know Sanduskys name when the intern mentioned him as a past teacher.

Thats beyond sports retard.

Anonymous said...

the Xpac and Luke Gallows clip are my two favs.

Anonymous said...

Book Blue Meanie!!!

. said...

I hate Buffalo

Anonymous said...

hey Stevie:



gurpreet singh said...

"He's india"


Ian said...

Jerry Jones is from Arkansas, which is the south. he owns the cowboys now but he's a southerner.

Anonymous said...

LeBron got LeBooked!

jim in philly said...

I heard Bloody Bill on Bubba The Love Sponge today putting over So Sick Social Club and telling Bubba that Voodoo Drew never gets laid!