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Tha O Show: Episode 276

O! O! O! O! And away we go!

It's a fun one kids!  Big Daddy Donnie & Notorious T.I.D. are joined in studio by their long time pal, former WWE & TNA star, Joe E Legend!

On tap for this episode:

-Why does Notorious T.I.D. have an issue with Jon Fitch?

- Why did BDD enjoy Raw this week?

- The guys discuss Kevin Nash's controversial statements that were made this week.

- Should the WWE play to the internet as much as they do?

- Does Karma have what it takes to make it on the biggest stage?

- Edge's biggest contribution to the wrestling business may not have happened yet... and he won't even have to get into a ring.  What could that be?

- Are Zack Ryder and JTG leading the way for under used talents in the WWE or are they just bad employees?

-CM Punk twitter bashing on Nike and Jon Jones
for supporting drunk driving, Is Punk correct or does he need to
smoke a joint and fuck his hat?

PLUS The return of the Black Prophet, Chapter 2 of The Virgin Diaries and so much more!


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4 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 276"

janker said...

Kelly's tears on the Wailing Walls of Jericho ...

Hope that one wasn't to offensive. :D

Cheers from Slovenia!

EC said...

Big Daddy, Tid, everyone, another great show, and a excellent guest. My one criticism is that BDD went VERY SOFT on the Kevin Nash comments! Anyone else would be raked over the coals for making those comments about Eddie and Benoit and the end of the business with small champions. Kevin Nash is saying whatever he wants because he has a solid place in the history of North American wrestling. He earned that in the past and no one can take it away from him. However, it almost hurt me picturing Big Daddy try to contort himself to not heap piles of crap on his good buddy Kevin Nash. Small quibble for a great 2 hours podcast, but the O Show is a place for frank discussion, and the bias displayed here needs to be pointed out. Hopefully it sparks another discussion next week! Thanks for another great podcast from a loyal O-ster.

Anonymous said...

Another great one guys!

Anonymous said...


If you feel I went soft on Nash, that's ok... I think I hinted in the discussion that I understood his perspective.

It's not that I went soft... I agreed with him from a certain perspective.

Plus, I'll never grill anyone just for an opinion.