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Tha O Show: Episode 274

We got the whole band back together!!

For the first time in weeks every member of the "core four" is BACK at RedFish Studios, and ready to crank out yet another memorable episode of Tha O Show!
The crew will talk Raw 1000, roster additions and deletions in both WWE and TNA, all sorts of rumors, a little NBA talk and so much more!
Of course, Crystal Beth & Voodoo Drew have shit to settle. Have they each calmed down since CB's explosion a week ago?

Due to a last second cancellation, we bring you an interview that was recorded several months ago but never aired! Its Tha O Show LIVE at Wrestle Reunion, sitting with our pal - Diamond Dallas Page!
In addition to his talk on his exciting product, DDP Yoga ... Page shares some awesome stories for his years on the road. Don't miss this!
Have you ever wanted to host your own podcast in a SWEET professional space with a staff that has the technical know-how to make it work? If so, RedFish may be the answer! Email for more information!!


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