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Tha O Show: Episode 270

Tha O Show is about to get FRANCHISED!

Yes, Osters across the globe, this is another fun installment for Tha O-Chives! Big Daddy Donnie, Notorious T.I.D. & Voodoo Drew guide you through an hour and 45 minutes of ridiculousity! It's a word. Shut up. Crystal Beth is off taking in all of the festivities of Pride Week, but not to worry! We think you'll like this one anyway!

In addition to Tha Os and Nos ... you'll hear a brand new segment ... "Sports Retard"! Voodoo Drew (a self admitted Sports Retard) will battle our newest intern Princess Leah to see who truly is the biggest Sports Retard!

This week's interview is almost surreal... because this man was supposed to be a guest on Tha O Show about a half dozen times over the last four years, but bad timing and a lot of phone tag prevented it from happening. But now, FINALLY it is time to get Franchised!

Former World Champion, Shane Douglas joins us to discuss Extreme Rising this weekend and a host of other topics including drug addiction, recovery and redemption. Plus, a story of a time when Sabu ribbed BDD!

This is a good one folks!

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3 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 270"

Ian said...

TID listen to Check you head and Hello Nasty both albums are more "Rock/Alterna-Rock" oriented. They deferentially deserve to be in the hall of fame.

Anonymous said...

Here's a silly booking idea: Have T.I.D. fight New Jack in Philly for the Extreme Rising promotion. If New Jack loses he gets driven to NYC and he has to introduce himself to the NYC police by his shoot name.

Carlito said...

After watching tonight's Raw I'd just like to say...

WWE would like to wish Tensai (Real Name Matt Bloom) all the best in his future endeavors.

Awesome for our boy TJ to get a win on TV.....but wow what a way to kill all the heat Tensai had coming back to the fed.