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Tha O Show: Episode 269


Tha O Show is back with an extra bouncy installment! Broadcasting from Red Fish Entertainment in Toronto, Ontario - the whole crew is happy to welcome back to Tha O Show, internet sensation Taylor Stevens!

Hang out with Big Daddy Donnie, Notorious T.I.D., Crystal Beth and Voodoo Drew as they chat with the biggest boobies RedFish has ever seen!

You can watch video highlights from this interview by clicking here!

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At the end of this episode you'll hear Tha Os and Nos, news on upcoming appearances for Tha O Show and a HOT new track by So Sick Social Club!

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21 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 269"

Ian said...

What is your deal with CM Punk? Did he steal a girl from you Donnie?

Anonymous said...

Taylor seems like a dumb blonde when you look at her, but she is actually cool to listen to

Anonymous said...

A Trish Stratus / Tay Stevens match would out draw TNA

julie said...

I'll look for you guys at TNA! Will you have shirts for sale?

Sanjay said...

What happened to the intern that got interviewed last week?


master p said...

CM Punk I don't think is disrespectful with that comment, but I see your point about having respect for the show.

Anonymous said...

"What are your thoughts on No Touch Icing?"

BDD you ARE an asshole!!

texas pete said...

Seriously, Notorious T.I.D. is hysterical. Even though I sometimes scratch my head on old references, his wit and timing are unreal.

manny said...

I'm with Donnie


Anonymous said...

You punked off an X Division wrestler to talk to a chick with big tits?

Isn't this a wrestling show?

Anonymous said...

You guys better get that Trish/Beth/Taylor Yoga sammich done ASAP!!!

Leonard said...

I disagree with Donny in regards to Punk and Portugal as well.

I think, when the rest of the show is crab, you do not have to respect the product. You should rather respect the fans that paid for that shit and put on the best you can. You do not necessarily put yourself over, you just make the fans not feel like their were stolen their money

And Portugal is the team which has freakin cristiano ronaldo the most expensive soccer/football player in history. That dude was transfered for 94 million euros (to all canadian and american people; thats about 120 million dollar)and they passed the first round in all of the last like 10 years. Germany and the Netherlands are both not bad (i am German), but I think Portugal still was the favourite when the eurocup startet.

And instead of pluggin a porn site you should rather talk to an actual wrestler. I like that you do not always stick to the wrestling/mma-talk but that you put zeema ion aside to talk about a woman with big tits (btw, you have an AUDIO podcast) kinda bothers me.

I still enjoyed the show,
greetings from germany

Ronde in NYC said...

Seriously? Do people still come with that "this is a wrestling show" ish? It's THA O SHOW!!! They could never talk wrestling and it would be JUUUUUUUUUUUUUST dandy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leonard,

I am a big football fan and Donnie is correct nobody picked Portugal to advance to knockout stage.

Germany were heavy favorites to win tournament and Netherlands were heavy favorites to come out of the group.

Ronaldo is best player in the world, but he had a rough time in International play (except in qualifying) and now he is showing everyone why he is better than Messi.

Portugal making it to the Semis is a major surprise.

Anonymous said...

Leonard, the Tay Stevens segemtn was filmed. Donnie said that on Twitter.

DRB said...

Wow, so much to comment on.

Agree with Ronde in NYC. There are dozens of crappy podcasts out there where you can get your pro-wrestling gossip, news and discussion from marks who have no clue what they're talking about. I choose Tha O Show because its sharper, smarter and a billion times funnier. I thought the Tay Stevens interview was great.

I agree whole heartedly with BDD about Michael Cole. I was actually really enjoying the Cyndi Lauper segment and Cole completely f'n ruined it for me. CIFG!

As for the Euros - I think Portugal have done pretty well. I wouldn't go as far as to say they've over performed. They were in the group of death BUT Holland didn't really show up which opened the door for Ronaldo and Co to sneak through. Take nothing away from them though - they're in the semis. Hopefully, us limeys will see you porkchops in the final. Also, a little slice of information for Donnie - Petr Cech is one of the world's best goalkeepers. He plays his club football here in England for Chelsea FC who are the current club champions of europe.

I absolutely WILL find an audio clip of Donnie saying 'shout out to my boy' about a worker, because I have too much free time this afternoon.

And congrats to TID for his 10th f'n 'Corky 'reference. Comedy for one dude.

Keep up the good work.

TheeJC said...

Tay Stevens was a great guest, sucks that you couldn't have Ion on the show. Definitely think having an extended Tay Stevens segment made the show better. I really hope that she's able to beat her cancer. Much love to Tay and her "witty cut downs".

Anonymous said...

Great episode guys. Lots of laughs. Lovin the new format!

aninimouse said...

Where was last weeks Otern??? We need more yellow on the podcast

Big Daddy Donnie said...

Last week's Otern will be back this week. She was writing an exam last week.

My apologies - I announced TigerFest in Milton, it is actually being held in Brampton outside the Powerade Centre

Big Daddy Donnie said...


Video highlights of our interview with Tay are available here