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Tha O Show: Episode 268

Now this is going to be a fun show!! Somebody call my momma!!

Tha O Show is back at Red Fish Entertainment for our 268th episode! The core four is back, as Big Daddy Donnie & Notorious T.I.D. take you through the show accompanied by Crystal Beth and the returning Voodoo Drew!

Our featured guest this week is a 3 Time World Karate Champ. He is the former Commissioner fo WCW. He is one of the stars of the critically acclaimed film, "The Wrestler" and he is FUNKY!

Our guest of course, is "The Cat" Ernest Miller! This is an interview not to be missed!

Miller opens up about Brodus Clay and the intellectual property that has been stolen from him.

He also talks about a run in with a known WCW tough guy who the Cat knocked out in the ring!! You betta sell my shit dude!!

With a shoot fighting background like his, you'd think Ernest Miller would be a fan of MMA, right? His answer will crack you up.

  • His thoughts on Brian Knobbs / New Jack
  • Thoughts on Scott Steiner's Twitter attacks on his friend Eric Bischoff
  • is a match between "The Cat" and T.I.D. on the horizon?? It sure as hell seems so!
  • AND ... The Cat RIBS Tha O Show! Tremendous!
In addition to all of this, you'll get a brand new segment called "Intern Interview" where you will get an in depth and revealing look at one of our new interns working with us at the tv studio. CLASSIC Material!

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12 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 268"

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Anonymous said...

Something was really screwed up with the mixing of this show. I kept hearing Voodoo Drew in the background five seconds before he says the same thing on mic.

Anonymous said...

That intern gave me wood!!
And I aint the Green Lantern!

Kay Faber said...

Ok, Notorious T.I.D.

In a REAL FIGHT who would win you or Ernest Miller?

DRB said...

What a tremendous interview!

"I'm a beautiful man..."

You guys "No'd" for the Vince mocking JR and its relation to the 'Be A Star' campaign. The same could be said about the Santino/Rodriguez Justin Bieber T-shirt skit.

Anonymous said...

That phone interview was awesome, especially when he left you guys hanging.

And the interview the intern thing almost made pop come out my nose!

Ian said...

BDD=Cena Mark

Oliver Knight of the O table said...

When i heard it was Ernest Miller I was "oh"
Then when i heard Ernest Miller I was "O! O! O! OOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Ian said...

I haven't thought a WWE Diva was hot in years. AJ Lee is the first I found hot since Trish.

Anonymous said...

That intern segment gave me wood. That was wild!!

I loved the interview too!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new direction of the show! Notorious T.I.D. Is the perfect #2 man!