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My Top 5 Wrestling Themes

I’ve wanted to do a list of the Top 5 Wrestling Themes for quite a while but waited hoping that something new would come along and get me excited but that hasn’t happened in quite a while. When it comes to good wrestling themes I personally believe that each song needs to be able to fit a particular set line of things to qualify as a great theme.

One, the song needs to be recognizable immediately. That means that as soon as the song starts I know who is coming out and am excited to see them wrestling. It can be a guitar riff, a drum, or something that makes you go “Holy shit. Its going down!

Two, it needs to fit the wrestler. If a wrestler is badass they need a badass theme. If they are a beast they need something that fits that character. An example of how not to match a wrestler with their theme is Marcus Cor Von when he was in ECW and had that smooth song for an entrance. Man, that was terrible.

And finally, the song needs lasting power. There are wrestling themes I like but they sound very decade specific. I mean, I like Badstreet Atlanta, GA as much as the next man, but its pretty damned impossible to hear that song and not picturing a workout montage. Great song, but it sounds old. Click the song titles to check them out.

5. The Undertaker “Graveyard Symphony”

When I was little and first heard this theme I was like “What happened to Mark Calloway?!” and then “This…is…awesome.” I grew up with wrestling themes that were regular songs you could hear on the radio or ones that were just nonsense. This song till this day means that something amazing is about to happen. Even before Taker started making appearances twice a year this song meant that you were in for a Tombstone Piledriver and a body bag. Yeah, remember when Taker did that? This song made you feel just as terrified as his opponent.

4. Legion Of Doom “What A Rush”

One of the best and entertaining tag teams to ever wrestle also had one of the coolest themes. As soon as I heard Hawk growl “Oh, what a rush!” I’d get hyper. Then he and Animal would come out with face paint on, spiked shoulder pads, and haircuts no one in their right mind would wear. I’m listening to this song as I type it and its making me want to break shit. This song never got stale and continues to make me want to watch someone get their head taken off with a Doomsday Device.

3. Vader “Mastodon”

Now this song is one that I hold dear. If my brother was in the room when Vader came out to wrestle it meant that I needed to be on guard because he’d attempt to Vader Splash or power bomb me. If I were alone it meant my tiny Black ass would throw out my hands forming a V and pretend to be a large White man. Hearing “Its time! Its time! Its…Vader time!” signaled that someone was about to get fucked up by a man that shouldn’t be able to move as fast as he did.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me”

Once he stopped being The Ringmaster and got this cool ass theme I was excited. Once that glass broke I knew that someone was gonna be getting their ass kicked. They have remixed this song and added lyrics but none of them have been better than the original. Watch any clip of Austin where the crowd is just sitting and then check out their reaction when this song starts. Arenas explode when they hear it and I senselessly give my TV the middle finger because I’m an immature manchild.

1. Gangrel “Blood”

Creepy breathing, a keyboard, and then one of the best beats ever created all for Gangrel. This song…this song is just the best. There are far more than five songs I love in wrestling but this one is actually on my iTunes. The combination of his look, the fire entrance, and music was just too much for me. I get goosebumps just listening to it. When I first heard Dan-e-o rap over this I asked myself “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?!” This song asks to be rapped over.

What songs do you have in your top five? I swear if you say American Males I’ll chase you.

5 comments: on "My Top 5 Wrestling Themes"

Dj LatinoHeat said...

Personally I like nWo theme... i even remixed it w/ Shane McMahons theme for part of the beginning...

Dante said...

Whenever I hear porno sounding music I say "N-n-new World Order." If a fellow wrestling fan is near they will say "For life." I was hoping you'd let the Shane beat play through.

TWK said...

I can't argue with any of these choices but I still say my list is pretty good, especially the #1 spot.

DRB said...

Good list. I do like Vader's theme, but I don't think it would be anywhere near my top 5. The L.O.D's theme would be somewhere in my top 10. Anyway, here's my list....

5 Gangrel - 'Blood'

4 Goldust - 'Gold-Lust'

3 Mankind - 'Ode To Freud'

2 Undertaker - 'Graveyard Symphony'

1 Stone Cold Steve Austin - 'I Won’t Do What You Tell Me'

Dante said...

DRB, Goldust does have a great song. Everything about it including the entrance and the glitter fit him perfectly. Mankind's was cool and I wish they had stuck with it.