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Tha O Show: Episode 267

Yes O-sters! This is it. Tha episode where Tha O Show changes forever! It's Dan-e-o's LAST episode as co-host! Your bro Dan-e-o is so busy with his booming music career, that he has stepped down as co-host making room for Notorious T.I.D. to deliever his style of unadulterated nonsense.... But, it's Dan-e-o's last night, and it's his birthday so we are going to make sure he goes out with a bang! Voodoo Drew is off tending to personal business, but Crystal Beth is back and doin her thing!!

Also in the house, is the International Wrestling Superstar, Hornet and a whole host of new O Show staff members, working behind the scenes to make this machine work! Thanks to all of them, once again!

Our feature guest this week is a founding member of the Four Horsemen. He is a 2012 WWE Hall Of Famer, and a prison minister... Yes, Tully Blanchard joins us!!

This week's show will also give you a sneak preview at Dan-e-o's new segment he will be doing going forward AND we will have a little tribute at the end of the show with a medley of O-Chestra bangers!

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3 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 267"

Dante said...

Hey hey hey! Dhalsim was my favorite character until I learned how to play SF2.

Carlito said...

Is it just me or did anyone else notice the weird cuts in O's and No's?

Is this the famed Pulp Fiction episode?

Anonymous said...

Hornet may be an international superstar, but he's the definitely the whitest guy to ever pick up an acoustic guitar and learn four chords. Stick to the campfire, Juicy-Fruit!