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Tha O Show: Episode 266

Yes O-sters! Tha O Show has finally arrived at our GORGEOUS new studio! This isn't just any studio though. It is a professional television studio! The kind of place where they make, you know ... tv shows. It's bad ass. Within this building, Tha O Show has been handed its very own space to set up as we see fit.

The customizations are underway!!!

Pics of the new studio will be made available Saturday June 2nd on

Dan-e-o, is on stage performing, and Crystal Beth is under the weather... so here to break in the sexy new locationis your beloved host Big Daddy Donnie and the one and only Notorious T.I.D. ... They of course are flanked by the technical producer of tha show ... Voodoo Drew

On this week's show, the boys discuss: - The suspensions of Jericho & Orton - TNA going LIVE - The WWE's Top 25 Mic Men - The TNA Superstar the WWE should sign today and SI MUCH MORE!!

Our guest this week is TNA Official, and a man heavily involved with TNA's Gut Check program... Brian Hebner!
Brian and his dad Earl have an independent booking coming up in the next few weeks where they will be working an indy show at night, and helping out young talent during the day with a seminar. Listen to the show for details, and check back here for event posters.

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21 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 266"

chris t said...

Can't wait to see the new studio!!!! Here's my vote for a name

Tha NEW O-Zone Lair!!

Not original but I liked name of the old one.

Anonymous said...

Tha O Cave!

Cow Nakano said...

I love the banter between BDD and Tid!

Donnie & Chris FTW!

My vote for studio name is a play on the venue Donnie mentioned, where Tid has his first match.

Tha O Spot!!!

maria roma said...

Great episode. Prob my fav ever as far as Voodoo Drew! He felt more involved and it was good give and take but not stealing heat.

Amazing balance.

Nice sprinkle in some Crystal Beth and this show is on another world!

Call the new place "Planet O"

Anonymous said...

I loved hearin from Brian Hebner and it was a different type interview that was a little bit off the beat and path but still respectful and focused.

Anonymous said...

Tha O Zone

Anonymous said...

Just started it.

You really should just redo the lyrix of the 2008 theme for the 2012 choon. It really is the perfect theme.

Anonymous said...

Also: Call the studio the O-Cum Asylum.

That's an Arkham reference, not a Dan-E-O-in-a-hotel-with-the-flatliners reference.

Joey Ryan said...


Unknown said...

Name it O-Towers

Anonymous said...

Will Voodoo Drew be so in awe of T.I.D.'s hosting abilities that he turns Straight Edge so that he can keep up and not look like a jabrone?

Will T.I.D. start a new service "Shamed Sober" where drunks who think their all that get so conversationally merked by T.I.D. that the go on the wagon?

DRB said...

No Crystal Beth = Boooooooooo!

Still a great show though, Tid is the man.

As far names go, how about Tha Crem-O-torium

Jim J in Philly said...

I would Fuck Gail. Marry ODB and Kill Angelina.

ODB is cool and thats the type you want to be with forever. Gail annoys me less than Love so I'd fuck her.

Plus I'd never marry a Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Brian Hebner seems like a cool guy. Great show!

Ronde in NYC said...

Never thought id say that i didnt miss Dan-e-o as co host but i think the show is better with TID.

Sorry Dan-e-o. You still my nigga.

yeti said...

Tha O dOme or tha c-O-thedral also where tha profit been did he go in exile over dan-e-o leaving???

Anonymous said...

found this by accident... thought id share..

Anonymous said...

Thats a good question. Since Prophet hates all of you other than Dan-e-o, will he be back?

Anonymous said...

Saw pics of the new studi-O. Amazing. You guys are really making waves.
I would love to see you guys Donnie and Tid get in debates with otheer shows and smash them

Anonymous said...

Whos next weeks guest?
Dave Hebner?

Anonymous said...

I want to know who Donnie thinks will win the Heat/Celts series

And are the Devils done after falling 2-0?