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Tha O Show: Episode 265

O-sters! It's the final week of our O-cation, so that means while Dan-e-o, Voodoo Drew and Crystal Beth are off enjoying their time, Big Daddy Donnie is broadcasting from his home studio with another makeshift installment!

Joining BDD once again is the man who will become the full time co-host in a couple weeks - Notorious T.I.D.!

Our guest is easily the most controversial wrestling referee in history. He was at the center of Hulk Hogan's title loss to Andre the giant, and of course the infamous Montreal Screwjob. We can only be talking about TNA Senior Official, Earl Hebner.

Earl and his son Brian have an independent booking coming up in the next few weeks where they will be working an indy show at night, and helping out young talent during the day with a seminar. Listen to the show for details, and check back here for event posters.

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13 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 265"

Lito said...


Anonymous said...

I can't lie. I enjoy Tha O Show Remote episode. They have a real cool vibe. Maybe cuz everyone is relaxin at home.

The enthusiasm is contagious though and I am STOKED for this new studio with the whole OSHOWCREW and the return of OTV!!

Anonymous said...

Earl Screwed Bret!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BDD = interviewer of the decade.

Anonymous said...

When will the Black Prophet be back?

haha said...

Earl says wrasslers

Anonymous said...

OMG Bret coming to Toronto! Get him on Tha O Show. Even if its only ONE QUESTION LONG! hahahahahha


Anonymous said...

Fedor not in top 10 Heavyweights ever? Can a case really be made for any heavyweight to be put above him? I could see Dos Santos or Cain eventually being put above him, but as of now no one has the resume that he does. You guys get down on the Arlovski win, but forget that he was the face of UFC heavyweights for years. Not to add that from 2000-2005 Pride was the number one company for sure.

I am not one of those people that think Fedor is the best fighter ever, (Anderson is by my opinion.) To think that he is not the most accomplished or even top 10 in such a weak division in MMA history is insane though. Who would be the top 5?

Big Daddy Donnie said...

Try to remember, when Arlovski was UFC Champ, that division was paper thin... and after his first cpl fights, he looked very beatable, even when he won.

Arlovski was a SHELL of that man when he faced Fedor. Fedor didn't fight him at his best, and even at his best Arlovski wasn't that good.

I think ultimately Fedor's legacy is crushed by the last 5 years of his career.

Picking up wins against guys nobody had heard of, but STRUGGLING to do it ....

Barely winning out against journeymen ... and losing to UFC cast offs...

Not to mention, he never worked for the biggest company there is.

Anonymous said...

His last 5 years hurt his legacy no doubt. It will go down as some of the worst managing in MMA history. It further hurts that in ring he basically just fought like an angry bear trying to swipe at people instead of the high strategy fighter he was in 2000-2004.

I think you are underestimating just how bad heavyweight in MMA has been though. Who would you put above him though? I'd think the next best heavyweight Resumes would be Nogueria, Couture, Coleman, or Mir. Would you put what any of them done at Heavyweight above Fedor? I think that JDS or Cain probably passes him as all time greatest Heavyweight someday, but for now it has to be Fedor. How many guys can any sort of argument even be made to put above him?

Good rest of the show BTW, always nice to hear old themes again.

DRB said...

Love the 2008 theme. Can't wait to hear the new one. I can't imagine what Crystal Beth's new project is. Very intriguing.

Is there any chance we'll get to hear the DDP interview from wrestlereunion anytime soon? I know its a few weeks out of date now, but DDP rulez.

Perhaps more importantly, I always rock a lime wedge in my beer. Does that make me a batty?

Carlito said...

I will never forget when I heard JR say Owen was honestly one of those moments when you're like wow....what the fuck just happened.

I've been searching for a few days now on some classic Owen stories and ribs, and to be perfectly honest, my favourite Owen story is the one Bret told at the Hall of Fame. Jim Duggan called down the front desk asking where the gym was. When the clerk asked the guys if anyone knew where the gym was Owen grabbed the phone and proceeded to insult Hacksaw as a dumb lazy wrestler and if he'd like to do something about it to come to the front desk and he'd show him how to respect people, and handed the clerk back the phone. The clerk said hey don't put this on me, and Owen without missing a beat told him to tell Duggan that it was all just a joke by me....Jim Powers.

I never laughed so hard in my life.

Anyone else have any other Owen stories to makes us smile one more time? I bet BDD and Tid have got a ton of Owen stories/ribs that we may not even know about....I'd love to hear them, as well as anyone else's favourite Owen stories to make us remember the good times.

joe said...

after hearing all the old theme's for the first time in a while, last year's theme is pretty weak. lovin the remote concept, due to the less is more feel, there are not 4 other people trying to all get there shit in.