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Flair To WWE?

I was talking to my friend Alex today about Ric Flair. I’ve been a huge Flair fan for years but not blindly. A while back I wrote an article about how TNA shouldn’t have allowed him to go to the WWE Hall of Fame. Now sites are reporting that his behavior is getting out of control and that he may be let go soon.

If Flair leaves…sorry. When Flair leaves TNA people assume that he’ll be heading straight to WWE and get a legends deal. As much as I know Flair needs money from all the drama that is involved in his personal life I don’t want him back in WWE in any way. Sorry, but this guy makes 5 year old me sad and old ass current me annoyed.

As a grown ass man I know what its like to work with difficult people. People who don’t show up when they’re supposed to, show up drunk, or just don’t know when to leave. Seeing this on a scale such as wrestling is pitiful. I’ve never thought that there would be a time in my life where I’d want to see The Nature Boy go away.

I think of the poor kids growing up where this is the only version of Flair that they know. I won’t start talking about other guys like Hogan because Scott Steiner has got all those bases covered on his Twitter account. I was never a huge Hulk fan either way. But Flair? Fuck. Knowing that he is this old man and still acting the way he does just pisses me off.

On the day that he is back in WWE and acting a damned fool I’ll just moan like a goddamn zombie and stop the Youtube video. Please. You know I don’t watch wrestling live anymore. Those days are gone. I now know how my brother felt when we’d watch WCW and he’d fast forward through everything. I’m a mark. I wish that I had some kinda Wayback Machine where I could knock some sense into Flair and after his retirement match against HBK he actually stayed just that. Retired.

2 comments: on "Flair To WWE?"

kathy said...

i have only gotten through the 2nd paragraph and I couldn't agree more.

Dante said...

Thanks, Kathy. I've seen your name on the site for a while. The more information that comes out and is leaked about this the more just...wrong it feels.