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My Problem With Flair

When I heard that The Four Horsemen were being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame for the class of 2012 I thought it was a cool idea. The only problem was that there was no way in hell that Ric Flair would be there. He’s an employee of TNA. Not in a “Oh, he wrestled once and is an honorary member of the roster” kind of way. He is there.

So imagine my surprise when an interview popped up with him stating that he would be there to accept the induction. This wasn’t a rumor. He is going to be there on WWE programming while still as an employee of TNA.

As much as I loved Ric Flair growing up and throwing up the four fingers and shouting “Woooooooo!!!” in my dirty ass bathrobe, its pretty fucked up that he’s going to be there. Why? Because he is a goddamn employee of TNA! How does that look to everyone still working there?

Remember when one of the Highlanders was spotted in the Impact! Zone? He got fired. Before anyone gets their fingers ready to write me a strongly worded message, no, I am not comparing Rory (or was it Robbie?) to The Nature Boy. I’m just saying that its wrong for WWE to bring in a TNA guy while he is still employed by them.

You know what I would’ve done if I was in charge of TNA? I would have seen or heard about The Horsemen being inducted, contacted Flair, and said “No way you’re going there.” If he put up a fight I would have burned his contract.

Doing this says to not only Flair, the rest of my roster, and WWE, but to the wrestling world that we, TNA, need to be shown proper respect. They don’t owe Flair shit. They brought him into TNA after he bounced out of Ring Of Honor when he saw dollar signs. TNA gets nothing from him going to WWE to get an award.

Yes, I know its Ric Flair. He’s one of the best to ever step foot in the ring. You have no idea how big a fan I was of his growing up. I cursed this man’s name when I couldn’t roll over and reverse the figure four leglock as a child. But TNA gets absolutely fuck all out of this. They look like chumps. That is unless Flair wears a TNA shirt while accepting his reward.

Which will never happen.

2 comments: on "My Problem With Flair"

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with WWE bringing him back for the night. They like to pretend TNA doesn't exist (don't we all?) they can just act like ric has been at home since he retired. My problem is with Dixie, why allow for this I'd say no just to throw a spanner in my competitions works. Having said that She probably did say no and then had to deal with a drunken Flair tantrum.

Dante said...

I doubt she said anything that would have upset Flair which is sad seeing as how her company is still getting its ass kicked weekly. She obviously has no backbone nor do anyone on the TNA roster who thinks this is perfectly fine.