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"Tha O Show" Postponed

Hey O-sters! Sorry to have to deliver a "NO" this week. But due to circumstances beyond our control, Episode 249 of "Tha O Show" will have to be postponed until next week.

Loyal O-sters know that Tha Fam-O-ly has had a lot on its collective plate of late. Both Dan-e-o and Voodoo Drew are preparing the releases of their respective group albums in the coming months. Not to mention, both Perfeck Strangers and So Sick Social Club are busy rehearsing for upcoming concerts.

Tha team is also preparing a HUGE celebration for the monumental 250th episode of "Tha O Show" that is scheduled for just a couple of weeks from now. And we'd like your help! We'll explain in a sec...

Over the course of the past five years, "Tha O Show" has brought its listeners TONS of guests from the pro wrestling, MMA and music world to both educate and entertain. The candid interviews on "Tha O Show" are like none other on radio, television or the internet.

Add to that the crazy impromptu musical numbers and all-around hilarity that makes "Tha O Show" so unique, and you got yourself an incomparable product. BUT...none of it would be worth doing without a planet of O-sters to support the cause.

So, we'd like to dedicate Episode 250 to you! Here's how you can help: Who would you like to hear as guests? What segments do you want to hear included? Should we bring old ones back? Or create new ones altogether? Call Tha O Phone at 414-44-OSHOW and get "O-sters With Something To Say" started back up! OR leave a comment below!

And be sure to stay tuned to for the release of Dan-e-o's brand new single, "Serial Killer" later this week!

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5 comments: on ""Tha O Show" Postponed"

Dante H said...

Jason sensation would be a great guest for the 250th episode.

Indy Mark said...

"Tricked Out" Tyler Tirva and Hayden Avery

Also 250 (2X5+0= 10) should be fucked by F'n Black Cock Sucker

P.A. said...

some fav guests that should be part of 250 - Jason Sensation, Cody Deaner, Cham Pain and Rico Montana.

Gotta have Wrestle Trivia.... and maybe that shit where you would call a date line and try to set Black Fatty Cocksucker up.

Indy Mark said...

Sorry, I'm pretty sure his name is "Flaming" Gayden Avery.
Also bring back Danyah

Sir Owen Disney said...

The Flatliners without question.