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Tha O Show: Episode 271

Here we go......

Believe it or not folks, we have a NEW theme song this week!! Yes! Your bro Dan-e-o represented and SPITS FIRE on the newest O Show track produced by Voodoo Drew & Black Dolphin ENT. Check it out, we think you'll like it!

Crystal Beth is still recovering from Pride Week, and this week she's off to a private screening of Katy Perry's "Part Of Me" film. Since none of us would be caught dead at an event like that, we continued on with tha show!

The first half this week is all Big Daddy Donnie & Notorious T.I.D. .... rippin & shootin!!
Post season NBA & NHL talk, talk on Raw's expansion, Live Smackdown, the legends and so much more!

Make sure you also listen in to hear who BDD has turned his venom onto. Some broad who thinks she's a superstar heading to the WWE and she's worked a handful of matches and hasn't even been trained!! Gold-star segment!

This week's interview is a lot of fun. We hang with Big LG! Luke Gallows, formerly of the Straight Edge Society with CM Punk and formerly the big loveable (until the bell rang) character known as Festus!

Gallows is an awesome dude, and it really comes across in this chat. Tweet him! @RealGallows!

This is a good one folks!

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10 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 271"

P.A. said...

Sick ass theme.. It's a shame that Dan-e-o hasn't started his segments yet cause it would have been cool to have him around while you debuted it.

Robbie E. legit looks like he lives the gimmick while Zack Ryder looks like he plays the gimmick week to week.

Also HUGE O for Frank Eudy. Sid Vicious's son is gonna be on this seasons Big Brother as well as Playmate of the Year Kara Monaco.

Anonymous said...

Terry Crews did the old spice commercials and the expendables.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job guys!
Loved this week's show.

I missed Drew & Crystal but I liked the heavy Tid and BDD stuff too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Luke sounds like a super chill dude...

Anonymous said...

When is Dan-e-o's new segment returning?

And Black Prophet?

Love the show!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of gallows. Maybe not how the intern is, but still.

Anonymous said...

I am digging the new theme.
Harder edge.

Anonymous said...

People call it hating or flaming when someone like BDD outs his opinion on a trashbag but I think it is a PSA and more people should have the balls to do it.

faulty tower said...

Why arent the trainers of that rat stopping her from working on indy shows?