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Wrestlemania 28: O or NO?

I like millions of others watched Wrestlemania 28 last night. In terms of Wrestlemania’s this one for sure had the most long term buildups out of any that I can think of. Streaks were in danger of being broken, both major titles were up for grabs, and a random chick from dance show I don’t watch would be facing actual wrestlers on the biggest wrestling event of the year.

There were people who thought that Brock Lesnar was gonna be involved in some way with the show. Thankfully he wasn’t because I’d much rather see him appear on a show that is good from top to bottom, not a really long Raw.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

This match was over in 18 fucking seconds. There are rumors going around that it was so short to attempt to break a previous record set by Kane and Chavo Guerrero a few years back. Not sure it that is true and I don’t care. It just sucks that a match that could’ve showcased two young guys got less than half a minutes time.

If I had paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars to be at Wrestlemania and this happened I would’ve lost my shit. In a few seconds they made months of storyline mean less than nothing. They could’ve done this on Raw tonight but not at Wrestlemania.

Kane vs. Randy Orton

This match was okay. Nothing to write home about in any sense. It felt like a match you could watch for free. Didn’t matter to me who won or loss because, as silly as it may sound, I knew there would be no blood so I figured kane wouldn’t be going apeshit on Orton showing this monstrous side he was keeping in check for the past few years.

The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

Oooooh! You’re only smoke and mirrors! Fucking love that song. I knew Show was gonna win this one. You see his wife at ringside? She’s bigger than Cody! Not that that’s a bad thing. Just saying is all. I agree with everyone who said that this should’ve ended as fast as the Sheamus/Bryan match.

Kelly Kelly/Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix/Eve

This was a waste of time. When Menounos, a non-wrestler, beats your champion it looks bad. Especially since she was for real hurt. Best part was that booty shake that Eve does.

The Undertaker vs. HHH

Shawn Michaels as the special referee made this match far more interesting than it would’ve been without him. The Hell In A Cell was not really needed for this match. It wasn’t nearly as good as last years match and there was never a moment when I thought that Taker would lose.

Let me bitch a little bit more. Where was the cool entrance?! Every goddamn year one of the main reasons I watch Wrestlemania is to see Undertaker’s cool entrance. I want to see lightning, vultures, druids, something! He just came out wearing Sauron’s jacket and Bully Ray’s haircut. For shame!

Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy


CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

This was a good match. What fucked it up though was the last minute stipulation. As soon as I heard it I knew what was going to happen. Jericho would try to get Punk disqualified for a while until finally getting the match started. The last few minutes of the match was awesome but, like I said, that stipulation fucked it over and added something that didn’t need to be there.

The Rock vs. John Cena

I was emotionally invested in one match on this card and that was The Rock and John Cena. I had no idea who was going to win but hoped that it would be The Rock. Why? It doesn’t matter why! Fuck you, I had to do that.

There was no way to live up to the hype this match had. One year feuds don’t happen anymore and honestly Cena is not the man to build a one year anything around. The fact that The Rock can be gone for years, make movies, and come back and whip your top guy doesn’t look good for WWE.

And I don’t know if it was just me or not, but Cena, at times, seemed like he was just going through the motions. At the end when he went for The People’s Elbow the look on his face said “This is the end of the match.” Now people are wondering if he’ll be a bad guy now. Me, I’d tear him down and build him back up. I’d have him do the walk of shame through the hallways with all the other guys shaking their heads at him for letting them down. Losing matches to guys like Zack Ryder and Ricardo Rodriguez. Hell, send him down to FCW for a month. Then…bring him back a new man.

And was I the only one that felt bad for Yokozuna’s kids after the brought out the Hall Of Fame class of 2012? Everyone converged and started hugging and they just left them to the side.

2 comments: on "Wrestlemania 28: O or NO?"

Adam said...

I think this years WM was one of the worst in recent years. One great match and 2 pretty good matches and the rest was shit.

They only give Daniel Bryan and Sheamus 18 seconds but bring out Brodus Clay and take up time with that crap dancing, just pathetic.

The first our felt like a bad episode of RAW really and if not for a unbelievable Taker n HHH match, it would have been the worst ppv in years.

I am gonna hold off and see what they do with The Rock and Cena before i bitch about that but unless something good comes from it then the wrong guy went over and i grew up in the attitude era and i hate Cena lol.

Punk and Jericho was good but didnt live up to the hype i think, overall this ppv was pretty crappy

Dante said...

I forgot to even mention the Brodus Clay dance! I just hope they dont try and bring the fake mama shit into his regular matches. We saw how that worked with Shelton Benjamin.