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Tha O Show: Episode 258

Here we go again, O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with an ARROGANT 258th edition of "Tha O Show"!

This week, tha boys are joined by Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club, Crystal Beth and David "Gordo" Strickland who move on from "Fatty" Frank Fronte era to begin a whole new era of O's.

On this week's show you'll hear...

"Tha Os & NOs"!

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

"Tha Round Table" with former WWE Superstar, "The Model" Rick Martel!

Rick is promoting a series of events coming to the Greater Toronto Area. Wrestle Reunion and the Titans In Toronto Breakfast are premium events that are NOT to be missed. Tickets are available by going here.

ALSO ... Wrestle For A Cure is happening on Monday, April 16th as a special benefit for Adreneal Gland Cancer Research at The Princess margaret Hospital. $40.00 per regular ticket $60.00 per V.I.P ticket. For more information, Cclick here.

ALSO.... Don't miss

Voodoo Drew's "This Week In History"

Crystal Beth's "What I Learned This Week"

AND the brand new banger from Top Team (Nish Raawks & Lyve) entitled "Eyes Open"!

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22 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 258"

Anonymous said...

Agree with BDD somewhat on The Rock-Cena match,but in the end,what does a win do for Cena? The Writer's blew it on the Raw before Mania,by not having Rock,do to Cena what cena did to C.M Punk before their match. Rock should have said to Cena,"YOU need this more than I do.If you win,what are you going to say? I beat a Guy who's been off the roster for 10 years making movies. If you lose,then how are you going to look? Need to Win,John,Have to Win John,Damn right you do" I would love to see them build him back up by having him go over Lesnar at Summer Slam. The build up for that writes itself. Cena the ultimate company guy vs Brock,the guy who Shit on the company and the business.If the writers screw this up,then i don't know what to say..........

Anonymous said...

Wicked episode (as usual)

I love when you call the prozzys. Do it more often!!

Anonymous said...

Drew IS the new Frank!

christina said...

"Holy fuck!! Would everyone stop cutting off Crystal Beth?? MAINLY DJ Loud Guy and VooDoo Off-Mic Drew!"

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. I never realized that they didnt even use hell in a cell.

And who did cena piss off??

frank fronte said...

Guys how come my key to the studio doesnt work?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you on the Cena/Rock match. Cena did not NEED to win; before Sunday Cena had not lost a match clean in 8 years. So to say that somehow the WWE did Cena some kind of disservice is laughable. A few years back BDD made the argument that Mick Foley was not a legend, he was just the right guy in the right place and aif you were to ask any indy wrestler to jump off a Hell in a Cell, no one would say no. Your argument about Cena being a great company guy because he does appearances and anything else the WWE askes him to one on the roster would turn down being "The Guy", doing all the things asked of Cena in the past 8 years or so.
While I no longer hate Cena like i did in 2006, I do not feel sorry for him doing his job. Cena is going home to his beautiful wife in his beautiful Mansion (that he seems to forget about when he calls Rock Hollywood.) No tears for doing your job, Cena will get his...he always does.

Jamie said...

30 minutes in and i cant take this show any more, BDD comes across so out of touch with wrestling fans. You didn't like Mania but we have to listen to how great people like fucking Knobbs and one of the Bushwackers are each week?

"I know lets give Cena the win and piss of the viewers and the crowd and end Mania like that"... yeah thank god you don't work for WWE.

Big Daddy Donnie said...

@anonymous ... I was a huge fan of Foley in ECW / WCW / Japan and in WWF. My issue is, his two big moments that cemented his WWF/E legacy, were Hell In a Cell and 14 chairshots from The Rock.

Many within the industry have said for years, they would have taken that spot in a heartbeat.

And Jamie...

Keep in mind, I give my opinion on what I think is best for biz and most entertaining. Its not my job to be in touch with fans. Thats Vince McMahon's job.

I also stated I didnt care if Cena lost - it was HOW he lost that was wrong. He was laid out every single time.

How about the fact that WWE goes PG and The Rock's promos all contained homophobic slurs or profanity?

How about the fact that WWE immediately rolls into a Lesnar program which seems to hold little suspension of disbelief because we've already seen Cena pinned by a guy who didnt have a singles match in 8 yrs.

Big Daddy Donnie said...

If i was booking WWE, i'd ignore Cena's request to keep him face, i'd turn him and then after pinning The Rock at Mania he can promo on Lesnar with "oh look... Heres another guy who took off and left me to carry the company. Guess ill have to smash him like i did the last guy"

Thats how you build money programs.

Anonymous said...

I dont think Rock should have won because like BDD said he always left Cena on mat everytime and Cena got punked out for a year.

Jamie said...

Makes me laugh when people say that's how to make money or that's how you book wrestling and its not how WWE did/does it. Then why is WWE the only people actually doing it?

Turn Cena? just throw away all the money he apparently makes the company for a buzz for a few weeks before people remember "oh yeah he still sucks in the ring and on the mic"

Thats how you don't make money

Big Daddy Donnie said...

Cena is no longer the company's top merch man and as a monster cocky heel who has already beaten everyone (including Rock) the ultimate road block would be the guy who boy'd him back in 03 ... Lesnar.

As a heel, Cena would catapault others to mega face status.

Have 2 or 3 new super faces instead of 1 that fans are split on.

You're right... That doesn't make any sense

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey BDD, Sounds like Jamie has been in the business for a long time and seems to know what ALL OF THE FANS quote the line from the 90's ...NOT!
I agree with BDD as do a lot of us. Idiot.

Big Daddy Donnie said...

I have no issue with jamie or anyone else disagreeing with me, especially in matters of opinion.
EI do have issues with defamatory statements which jamie made in his reply to anonymous which was not approved.

Jamie you wrote it doesn't take someone in the biz to tell that people like Rock and not Cena.... Thanks for making my point.

Cena is being booked like a chicken shot heel even though he isn't...

Jamie said...

Sorry didn't realise this was PG as well lol

"Cena is being booked like a chicken shot heel even though he isn't"

In 2012 does everyone need to be 100% heel or face? cant characters and gimmicks be perceived differently than how it was in the past surly even wrestling has moved on from superheroes and villains.

Rob Jones said...

Another great show.

Don't stop the sop! Sopamania is runnin' wild!

Vanntabulous said...

Gotta disagree with not cutting off Crystal Beth. Her mic needs to be cut more than Vickie Guerrero's. Frank's "tranny" heel moment on her was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I tried to watch on Youtube the RAW John Cena/Brock Lesner brawl, but I had to turn it off halfway through. Does WWE not understand Wrestling logic at all? Five seconds after the start of the brawl the ENTIRE locker room was in the ring. So, the rest of the locker room are a bunch of jabrones who have nothing better to do than to be on call to run down to the ring? The obvious way a brawl like that should have happened would be to have Otunga and a couple of referees come down and have Cena and Brock disengage briefly to throw them out of the ring, then go back to brawling. Then maybe send some jobbers out to get trashed. Finally, some mid level guys come out and use their numbers to separate Cena and Lesner, but after thirty seconds or so, a distraction happens that allows the fighters to slip through the mid level guys and go back to fighting. This repeats until the heel has had enough and powders while making victorious gestures while the babyface seethes in anger.

It's not a hard concept.

Nathan Arizona said...

Agree mostly with Donnie's Wrestlemania views. Keep hearing Taker/HHH was match of the night but I could't disagree more so it's nice to hear someone call it like it was, the hell in a cell stipulation was unneeded, the fact they waffled each other and left bruises was stupid and unneeded, it was kind of insulting to see them getting away with blood when they've stopped pay per view matches midway to seal up cuts (the biggest example I can give is the Cena/Orton ironman match that was stopped so they could stop Cena's bleeding, if it were a raw I might forgive it but it was an ironman match for the title and a pay per view main event, that match can't show color, but Taker and HHH can!?!) Bottom line, the Hell in a Cell match at mania was dumb, and is going to be greatly overrated.

Punk and Jericho should have been great, it was good but the dq stipulation came out of nowhere and didn't help the match any, agree the family stuff should have started after mania, this should have been these two guys trying the damnedest to out perform each other.

Anonymous said...

Since you said that Cena won't turn Heel does that mean you are going to quite watching the WWE like you said Big Daddy Donny?

Anonymous said...

With so many great events going on this week in Toronto, what would you suggest would be the greatest bang for an Osters buck BDD?